DURHAM REPORT: Observation #6 – Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong | Joe Hoft


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DURHAM REPORT: Observation #6 – Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong

Roger Stone did nothing wrong!

And now we have proof.

The entire Russia collusion lie was a creation of Obama, Biden, Hillary and more.  Some of the most corrupt individuals in US history were behind this attempted coup of President Trump which sucked in good men like Roger Stone.

Stone last night shared his thoughts on the Durham report on Newsmax.

Stone was harassed, slandered, and convicted on non-crimes on a totally bogus and made-up Russia Collusion fraud.

Obama, Biden, Hillary, and more were in on it.  It was a creation of evil to take down President Trump and anyone connected to President Trump.

Roger Stone was too close to the President.  He became a target and they are still after him.

However, he is being protected today after turning his life over to Jesus.

The Durham report doesn’t even address the lie that Russia hacked the DNC and gave emails to WikiLeaks.  The same narrative that was used to charge Stone.

That’s the total BS reason Stone was facing a virtual death sentence in prison by corrupt and evil Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson.  She should be indicted for treason for pushing the coup on Manafort and Stone and others.

The entire thing was made up.  






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