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DURHAM REPORT: Observation #5 – General Flynn’s Response

General Flynn released his response to the Durham Report yesterday through his attorney.  

General Flynn shared the following on Twitter:

America is pissed. Trump is pissed. I’m pissed. And all rightly so after the release of the Durham report. How do we get our country back and our duly elected POTUS? The “missteps” Durham said have been fixed are still in place (don’t kid yourself). The FBI needs to be completely shut down and it must happen in any new administration that enters the WH. Ideas about reform are fine but not until a complete shut down occurs. All party’s political candidates running for POTUS must have the complete restoration of faith in the federal government as their top priority. No more games. And people that committed crimes such as treason and/or sedition against the American people must be held accountable (all of them). There will be no statute of limitations and no rocks to hide under. My lawsuit against the DOJ and the EOP (and others) aside, if the DOJ doesn’t go after those who perpetrated these crimes (including the current POTUS), we no longer have a system of Justice that is responsive to the needs of the American people. The Rule of Law that I fought for will be dead. We either have a fair, unbiased and functioning justice system or we live under the yoke of tyranny ruled by a small group of oligarch elites who want to dictate how we will live as a nation. Wake up America!

Below is Flynn’s first message on the topic through his attorney on Twitter:

Today, special counsel John Durham released his report on his findings regarding the FBI’s investigation into the Trump Russia collusion conspiracy. The result is striking. There never was any basis to investigate President Trump, me, or anyone else in the Trump campaign over fake claims of Russian collusion claims that were a fiction invented by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and pursued by a weaponized and politicized FBI and Department of Justice. This was not just a crime against President Trump, my family, and me, but also against the American people and our constitutional system of government. It must never be allowed to happen again.

This report provides further vindication that the FBI investigation that targeted and persecuted me and my family should have never occurred. While I appreciate the further vindication explained in this report, thanks to the dedicated work from John Durham and his team, I am still angered that this ever was allowed to happen in the first place. The American people were robbed of millions of taxpayer dollars due to this hoax meant to target President Trump, me, and our supporters.

My family and I were attacked for years due to lies. Where do we go for justice? How do I get those lost years of my life back? This is why I have sued the Department of Justice there must be accountability if our constitutional republic is to survive. The FBI dragged my name through the mud for years despite the entire basis of their investigation being built on a lie. A lie that they knew about.

Notably, the report emphatically states that the FBI never had any type of evidence that I engaged in any conspiracy with Russia. The FBI instead apparently went forward with their investigation because I was a member of the Trump campaign who had visited Russia. The FBI opened this fraudulent investigation against me and the Trump campaign despite providing no defensive briefings, either before or after they opened the investigation, to President Trump or anyone in the campaign. Importantly, the report emphasized on page sixty-six that the investigations into me and others in the Trump campaign “had not resulted in the collection of any inculpatory information.”

The report itself provides evidence that the FBI had insufficient, predicate intelligence to open an investigation, that the FBI did not properly analyze any information, and that the FBI had a biased predisposition to open an investigation.

We need to restore accountability in this country before it is too late. We cannot allow witch hunts initiated by our justice system to occur simply based on political biases.

This report provides what we knew all along: the Trump-Russia investigation was a conspiracy, not based on fact, but instead, politically driven. The partisan corporate news media will try to bury this report and hope that the American people quickly forget about it. We must resist this temptation. This report must be a rally cry for all freedom-loving Americans, of all parties and persuasions, to fight back against a politicized federal law enforcement and justice system. If we do not fight back now, the America we love may be lost forever.

See the message in the tweet below:


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