DURHAM REPORT: Observation #4 – The DOJ and FBI Are Totally Corrupted Thanks to Obama | Joe Hoft


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DURHAM REPORT: Observation #4 – The DOJ and FBI Are Totally Corrupted Thanks to Obama

The DOJ and FBI are totally corrupt.

The DOJ and FBI are corrupt.  James Comey and John Brennan were Obama lackeys were totally corrupt and they should be arrested for treason.  They attempted a coup and nearly got away with it.

This was a nothing burger and we all knew it.  There are crimes for treason.

This wasn’t a dirty trick – it was treason.

FOX News reports:

The FBI was instrumental in perpetrating the Russia hoax. The bureau never had any plausible evidence or verified intelligence when it wrongfully launched a dilating and damaging investigation of Donald Trump.  Nothing was ever vetted or corroborated.  Indeed, the FBI knew it was a pernicious lie from the outset. That is the conclusion to be drawn from Special Counsel John Durham’s final report released to the public on Monday.

For those of us who have long maintained that the FBI willingly weaponized its authority for purely political purposes, the report comes as no surprise. Under the leadership of nefarious figures like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, the agency manipulated facts and contorted the law to frame an innocent person for unidentified crimes that he did not commit.

The FBI discovered almost immediately in the summer of 2016 that the claims of Trump-Russia collusion had been manufactured by Hillary Clinton and her confederates. The damning fiction constituted what is surely the dirtiest trick in American politics, and it triggered the greatest mass delusion in history.

John Yoo from the DOJ reported as follows with NeverTrumper Neil Cavuto – his message was beyond soft, he was pushing that nothing is able to be done.  What a disgrace.

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