DURHAM REPORT – Initial Observation #1 – Corrupt Cop James Comey Only Found Once in Adobe Search – James CorNey Found 56 Times

Dirty corrupt James Comey was in on it.  We knew that and we knew he was corrupt.  He should be charged with Treason for his talk in front of the Senate after his firing alone. 

James Comey called President Trump a liar in front of Congress – HE LIED.  Trump supporters were right.  Comey was a liar.  He knew Russia collusion was a lie and he lied about it.  He spied on candidate and President Trump.  Today he was confirmed a liar.

The two pundits should apologize for their BS reporting in the video above.   We knew it was garbage then.  They likely did too.  They were wrong.  They backed a liar.

Durham’s report was justice delayed and justice denied.  Barack Obama and numerous individuals should be indicted for treason but they will get away with it while good Americans with every right to protest the stolen 2020 Election will rot in prison for years for sedition when they had every right to protest a stolen 2020 Election.

Today’s report omits the name of a key culprit all but one time – corrupt former FBI Director James Comey.   If you do a search for James Comey in the report you will obtain only one response in Adobe.  If you search for James CorNey you will find the name in the report in Adobe 56 times.

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