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DRUDGE Is Done – It Went from King of the Media to Total Fascist Garbage Seemingly Overnight

What happened to the DRUDGE REPORT?  It went from king of the media to nothing seemingly overnight.  

An article at PJ Media brings back some memories.

It’s no secret that for years, the Drudge Report drove conservative (and often mainstream) media news cycles. If Drudge was talking about it, you could bet everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Fox News to PJ Media was also discussing it. In fact, there was a symbiotic relationship between Drudge’s aggregated links and the pages of most conservative media outlets. Pretty much everyone was either getting story prompts from Drudge or sending him stories (often via AOL Instant Messenger) hoping he’d link them.

A Drudge link day was always a good one for a website. In the early days of PJ Media, before we had the sophisticated technology we do now, a link would crash our severs. Back then, our tech guys would get an email alert anytime we got a Drudge link so they could fortify our site against the barrage of people swarming to read our stories.

I remember my first Drudge link. I wrote something criticizing John Kasich, then my governor (and the son of a mailman). I was so excited that I printed out the page and hung it on my refrigerator. It ranked up there with my first mentions by Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. Those were heady times.

For a few years, Drudge links made up a rather large percentage of traffic to our site. We’d get a link every day or two. Sometimes multiples. A link at the top of the page, “above the fold,” could bring in hundreds of thousands of readers—and no small amount of revenue.

Many of you will recall that Drudge at first did everything he could to promote Donald Trump. Then something happened, some sort of falling-out that no one ever really got to the bottom of, and Matt Drudge turned on the president. That was in 2019, a year of big changes for Drudge. There were rumors (still unconfirmed) that the site had been sold. Drudge changed its ad provider, and it began to lean more liberal and more favorable toward mainstream media. That same year, PJ Media became part of the Townhall Media family and the links stopped—abruptly. Literally on the day of the sale. Whoever was running Drudge at the time, whether Matt or some minimum-wage intern, apparently had some sort of grudge against Townhall and he/they even dropped us from the blogroll at the bottom of the page. Petty, vindictive, and, if I’m being honest, rather costly to our bottom line.

My story with Drudge was similar.  I watched Jim at the Gateway Pundit adore Drudge links after getting his website in place to handle the traffic that the links would produce.  It was a great day when Drudge would link to one of TGP’s posts.

I started writing for Jim and TGP in 2016 first received attention when I accurately identified and predicted Senator Ted Cruz’s pending collapse at the end of April 2016 in the Presidential campaign.

I projected on April 4th that Cruz would be mathematically eliminated from the race after the upcoming East Coast primaries on April 26th. The Drudge Report linked to this post and showed it as a top story on the site. (See Drudge Headline above.)

Drudge was on Trump’s side and the fascists behind the media knew it.  After Trump beat corrupt Hillary in the 2016 election Big Tech began pushing censorship full time and Drudge report started hammering President Trump.  I remember writing to Drudge in the comments section, “Who is running this site – George Soros?”

Some information suggested that that was the case.  We never found out.  But eventually we had to accept the fact that Drudge was done.

I haven’t been to Drudge in years.  I suspect the numbers being reported there today are garbage.  I can’t imagine members of the largest political movement in years still go there.

Drudge was once great.  It’s garbage now. Total garbage. 



6 thoughts on “DRUDGE Is Done – It Went from King of the Media to Total Fascist Garbage Seemingly Overnight”

  1. “Drudge was on Trump’s side and the fascists behind the media knew it. ”
    There are no “fascists” behind the media. Fascism is nationalistic, opposed to usury, and actually works to improve the well being of ALL citizens. The “fascists behind the media” are globalist shills of the international banking cartel which opposes those concepts. Why do you think Ezra Pound was declared insane and locked up after WWII?

  2. Drudge? I thought he sold the site and went off to relax by some tropical beach (not one here in Miami). In any event, whatever The DrudgeReport is these days, it is certainly not the site that I and many like me go for fair coverage and news. No way; that Drudge died sometime in 2019-2020 and has never come back, unfortunately.

  3. I changed my Google quick link from Drudge Report to Revolver when I noticed how things had changed. It was really bizarre how fast Drudge Report imploded. Prior to the implosion, I remember Matt Drudge saying that Hillary made a threat that they were going after Matt Drudge. Matt Drudge stepped out bcause of some kind of threat. IMO.

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