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Dr. Malone on the CIA’s Ties to the COVID Labs in Wuhan

Dr Robert Malone

Dr. Robert Malone “Names Names” and Ties the CIA to the Wuhan COVID Labs.

In a shocking interview with Veronica Kyrylenko with the New American magazine., Dr. Robert Malone names names and outs the CIA’s involvement in the COVID pandemic in Wuhan and its related propaganda machine.

Dr. Malone shares:

When I speak of the intelligence community, it’s a very broad spectrum of capabilities that includes the Department of Defense activities, under Tony Fauci, as it also includes the NIH (biodefense research activities). And then, it’s even larger than that because of the Five Eyes Alliance. So this is Great Britain or UK, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand; all the lockdown countries that have been perhaps most aggressive in their propaganda, use of fifth generation warfare, the censorship, retaliation against civilian populations, et cetera.

So when I speak of the intelligence community, I’m really talking about a matrix of capabilities that are global, that knowledgeable people within my sphere argue is the most powerful organization on earth. That currently, full stop, has amazing global reach. Obviously, the intelligence community has no moral compunctions about manipulating elections, assassination of foreign leaders or a number of other activities that most of us would consider to be unethical. But these are justified as necessary or supportive of the interests of this kind of imperialistic world that we live in right now.

With the desire by leading economic powers and their surrogates and governmental organizations to gain power and control over resources and all kinds of things. Even to the level that various speakers representing the World Economic Forum and the United Nations use language like “we own the science”. So I’m talking about the entire matrix.

Dr. Malone goes on to talk about retired CIA agent Michael Callahan.

…Callahan has deep roots, and when you read through Whitney Webb’s article, DARPA’s Man in Wuhan about Michael Callahan, she provides a level of detail and granularity about his CV that I was not even aware of, and that is as somebody who has published with him and worked with him for a few years…

…Over time, it’s become clear as the information has come out that what was used in engineering viruses, coronaviruses at Wuhan Institute of Virology was a technology that had been transferred apparently through Ralph Baric and EcoHealth Alliance into Wuhan Institute of Virology. That this tech transfer had allowed the engineering of novel sequences or manipulation of a viral backbone sequence without creating the hallmarks of classic recombinant DNA. Okay, so suddenly Michael’s statement, if you unpack it, with that in mind, then “my people”, is a euphemism. He would also use terms like “the Secret Handshake Club” to relate to his network of colleagues and contacts.

My people have been all over this virus”. I took this to mean that the CIA and its contractors had carefully analyzed the virus sequence and that they saw no evidence that it was engineered. That is saying that it doesn’t have any of the hallmarks of classical recombinant DNA. But at that point, Michael must have known that this alternative recombinant DNA technology existed. In thinking back on what was said to me, his statement appears to have been duplicitous. Later on, I caught him in a number of lies, and that’s when I stopped dealing with him. So Michael is clearly a highly skilled liar as virtually all CIA agents are. They’re trained in how to deceive, that’s a core part of CIA training.

See the entire interview here.

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  1. I’m honestly disgusted by the small minded, animalistic, weak & evil humans of the 5 eyes global fascist mafia…
    What a complete disgrace these demons are…
    Humanity should have already been terraforming the solar system 30 years ago, but because of TV and Internet controlling he dumbest majority of humans, they’ve been able to steal and waste all the money and effort of humanity and murder some the best humans of the past 100 years…


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