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DON’T KID YOURSELF – WAKE UP – The US Is Now a Communist Nation

The US has changed.  It has become a communist nation led by corrupt and evil tyrants.

Only approved news is allowed in America today.  You have to push this news.  It involves any messaging that condemns President Trump, conservatives, the Bill of Rights, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The left wants us dead. 

The government is now paying to censor conservative news.  The government is censoring conservative news advertisers.  The government is attacking those who stand up for children – who stand up against forcing pornography on them or forcing them to change their sex.

John Kachelman shared the following with me after the stolen 2020 Election.

History Repeats Itself: Democrats Are Using Tactics of the Marxists of 1917 in Russia to Steal 2020 Election

They are allowing individuals we don’t even know who they are to enter our country (our house). They could be here on a mission to destroy this country and we don’t know it. They could be Middle Eastern jihadis or Venezuelan military members. They could be just waiting for the moment to drop another 9-11.

They are destroying our cities and allowing “refugees” to live there and we don’t even know who they are.

They want us all to comply with whatever they say. They want to take away our God-given rights. They want those of us who don’t comply – DEAD.

We are now communist -wake up. 


34 thoughts on “DON’T KID YOURSELF – WAKE UP – The US Is Now a Communist Nation”

  1. Yes, you are right; the US has become a communist run nation. I’m so sad about this fact. But we have to understand that termite have been munching away at the foundation for a long time and now finally the walls are falling in.
    I’ve been reading about the Cold War years and also about Sen Joseph McCarthy who was correct but he was vilified in the press for his assertions.
    So I guess I’m not surprised that we are where we are.

    • It’s all in the context. What is the “commune” of the “communists”? I argue that the commune is the international banking cartel that either owns the central banks or controls, through the policies of the Bank of International Settlements, the overwhelming majority of the world’s banking system.
      Wars are always about economics dressed up as something else. The only ones profiting are the international bankers and the war industries they control.

  2. Much to say on this subject A good read is Reds in America written in 1923 Whitney wrote how the communist were going to take over America 100 yrs ago. Dan Smoot in the 1960’s explained their tactics from civil rights to Vietnam All orchestrated to weaken divide and take over the country
    George Lincoln Rockwell pointed it out in the 1960’s and who was the driving force behind it
    Dr Pierce in the 90’s once again exposed the lies and told the truth
    The war for America was lost before most of us have been born The 1960’s was the point where it could have gone anyway. The American demographic was still 85% Indo European. But we were all asleep like Benjamin Freedman pointed out on his famous 1960 speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington

  3. The comments above are absolutely correct! The takeover started close to 100 years ago with a slow steady infiltration. Americans were receptive to the promises of communism because of predatory capitalism in the U.S. at that time. Then WW2 created the middle class & it slowed for a while. We now have few real conservatives left, most are older & on the way out. The democrat party is for globalist communists and the Republican Party is owned by AIPAC zionists & the israel first so called conservatives. The U.S. is now FUBAR!!!
    Collectively as a group, Americans are not smart enough to understand this. The takeover is going to get much worse, especially if NATO wins the war.

    • there are no real conservatives. the POS boomers all faor patriot act iraq war trillion dollar police/spying state NSA TSA homoland security more cops and most important… total allegiance to pissrael. yea real small govt conservatives they are

      • “the POS boomers all faor patriot act iraq war trillion dollar police/spying state NSA TSA homoland security more cops and most important… total allegiance to pissrael. yea real small govt conservatives … . ”

        Idiot. Pinhead.

  4. Communism or Marxism or Progressiveism or Liberalism is Judiasm….Well who do you think the Rothschilds are? Jews. And who devised the Fed? Jews. And who decided to have little boys turn into girls? Jews. And who wants everyone on the planet dead except them? Jews. And who enslaved more people over the centuries? Jews. And who calls the shots on what laws are passed in Congress? Jews. And yes, Jews are at the bottom of all this nastyness that has suddenly reared it’s ugly head in this country….. And who dreamed up Communism in the first place? Jews. Hollywood panders to the Jews. The Media panders to the Jews. The Jews dream up such lovely organizations such as BLM, ANTIFA, NASA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, etc. Normal people don’t stand a chance against this.

    • Mazda P., Rabbi Steven Wise said, “Some call it Communism, but I call it Judaism.” Around 190 years ago. Total rule by Jews always has the same outcome for everybody else. Americans should read the old Soviet constitution and all of its wonderful -sounding guarantees. To paraphrase Stalin, “what the laws are is not important; who enforces them is!”

  5. Our forefathers provide us a tool to solve this problem. It’s called the Second Amendment. Our constitution also states that it is our DUTY; to remove these tyrants; and by “any means necessary”. If you refuse your duty to this country; you stand to lose your freedoms; under the charge of Treason.

    • This is why it’s being so maligned, and why there is an attack on second amendment rights after every shooting, except for the black inner city ones, which are just ignored.

    • BigJym, the problem is that a military has a chain of command, or at least a warlord, eh. Absent that, all the guns in the world will not do people much good, other than be a minor deterrent to the enemy.
      State and local militias are all gone. So are extended family tied. So are real Senators, appointed by their state’s legislators. Counties are being encouraged to get rid of elected Sheriff’s in favor of appointed hacks. Nation Wreckers are calling for a core of “professional” jurors to replace randomly drawn citizens. In the UK, lately the hoards of military-aged single invaders are now being housed on military bases. In America, these invaders are being welcomed into local police departments. Meanwhile conservatives are bitching about “Fascists and Nazis.”
      A terrible “insurrection” has taken place, manned by evil whypipple milling around in the Capitol, unarmed, without a leader, a plan, or anyone on point!

  6. Let’s see we had 400 million guns in this country we had 70 million gun owners before covid supposedly, I thought most of the legitimate gun owners were patriots and I was wrong they were masquerading AS Patriots but we’re really cowards ,nobody’s done anything to stop this for 3 years this is going on but they slowly destroyed our country. And the gutless turds did nothing to stop them. The longer the people waited for action the more power they got and now they control it all even if the Patriots fight back now doesn’t matter countries already lost now it’s every man for himself. And make no mistake the United States military will fire on their own people if given the order and so will the guard under the cause of we’re just following orders. THIS ALL COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED THE LEFT IS NOT EVEN DENYING WHAT THEY’RE DOING NOW SO WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A FULL-ON SOCIETAL COLLAPSE AND A NUCLEAR WAR IT’S NOT ONE OR THE OTHER IT’S BOTH.. GET RIGHT WITH THE LORD THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE LEFT.

  7. The single major problem here is mass quantities of armed Americans with no chain of command, limiting possible action to a handful (or fewer) pissed off fathers to march into a school board meeting and arrest the school board, or similar.

    If there *was* a chain of command, it would probably be infiltraited(sic).
    So what is the answer?


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