Donald Rumsfeld Supports Donald Trump Because Hillary is a ‘KNOWN, KNOWN’! | Joe Hoft


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Donald Rumsfeld Supports Donald Trump Because Hillary is a ‘KNOWN, KNOWN’!

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announces that he supports Donald Trump, tells ‘On the Record’ it’s because Hillary Clinton is a ‘Known, Known’ where as Donald Trump is a ‘Known, Unknown’.

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated last week that he supports Donald Trump. He stated “I don’t expect that I should agree with everybody on everything….I could not vote for Mrs. Clinton.”

In regards to why he wouldn’t vote for Hillary, he said, “Well there are a number of reasons. I think that telling the parents of people who have been killed that it was the result of a video when she knew it was not, is not a good thing to do.  I think even worse is if you think of intelligence, you’ve got official business, sensitive, confidential, secret and top secret.  And then you’ve got compartments where even someone cleared for top secret is not allowed access to those compartments unless they have a need to know.  From everything you read in the paper, … on that server had special compartmented information and top secret information.”

“Now what’s wrong with that? Well number one, the information, and we spend billions of dollars gathering intelligence as a country.  And once people outside know that we have that intelligence they then can prevent us from getting additional intelligence through that source and that puts the source at risk.  Second, any country looking at the way the State Department, and she handled classified information, is not going to want to put their people at risk.  So they’re going to refuse to give us information. And I’ve been told this by one country already that they would have to be much more careful about what they would share with us.  Well we don’t know everything.  We have to cooperate with other intelligence agencies.  And so I really believe that if she were a yeoman in the navy or a Sergeant in the Army or the Marine Corps or the Air Force that she’d be prosecuted.”

Rumsfeld is famous for the following logical reasoning when Secretary of Defense:

“There are known, knowns. There are things we know we know.  We also know there are known, unknowns.  That is to say we know there’s some things we do not know.  But there are also unknown, unknowns.  The ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

Of course Rumsfeld baffled the reporters with this logic and now again baffles the leftwing media and the elite for supporting Trump.

(Note that Rumsfeld’s quote above was presented in a business risk seminar last year in Hong Kong and characterized as profound.)

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