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Don Surber’s Take on the Crimes Committed Against America and President Trump and the Media’s Response

Don Surber’s take on the crimes committed against America and President Trump and the Corrupt Media’s Response.

A friend shared with me this Substack account by Don Surber.

In a recent post, Surber outlines the hypocrisy and destruction of America that the media is either ignoring or pushing.

Here is a portion of Surber’s thoughts:

The media lauded and heaped Pulitzers upon the New York Times and the Jeff Bezos Post for promoting the Russian Collusion Lie — also known as the Russian Hoax — that Democrats used to rationalize the spying. When Trump pulled back the curtain and showed the Obama administration lied and spied, the media denied.

The Bezos Post said, “Trump, citing no evidence, accuses Obama of ‘Nixon/Watergate’ plot to wiretap Trump Tower.”

NYT said, “Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones.”

No proof! No proof! And when Devin Nunes provided the proof later, the media attacked him.

Americans get it. The American media is the Democrat Party’s Pravda. Few people buy newspapers any more (total newspaper circulation is 20 million in a nation of 328 million people) and fewer believe them.

But the lies are not the worst of it. The refusal to hold Obama’s little feet to the fire really ticks people off. Readers can understand and occasionally forgive a factual error in a news story. It is the refusal to treat people fairly.

Consider the FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago. Vanloads of federal agents spent 9 hours confiscating 100,000 documents including the president’s passports — which is a huge no-no.

The FBI claimed only 100 of those items agents took were classified material.

99% of what the FBI took it had no business taking.

The media showed no outrage. It encouraged the raid. The media gave credence to FBI excuses for the raid, such as saying President Trump took home nuclear codes. The military routinely changes the codes. The media also carried the claim that Trump kept all these documents in his bathroom — just as the media claimed Hillary had computer servers in her bathroom. Either politicians never poop or the person who spins the FBI tales has a fixation on bathrooms.

When actual classified materials were found in Biden’s garage, the media praised the man for turning them in — years after he took the documents home to share with foreign governments and others. Biden spent so much time in Delaware because it was outside the DC spotlight. The same media that watched everyone who entered Trump Tower during The Donald’s brief period as president-elect has never shown any curiosity about the flight logs to Wilmington.

Where is the outrage over the imprisonment of protesters in the Capitol on January 6, 2021? Where is the outrage over the irrational charge that a sitting president tried to overthrow a government which he ran? Where is the outrage over trying to disbar any lawyer who defends him or his allies?

The lack of outrage or any courage is why the media has lost clout. Regardless of one’s political stripe, adults see the media as mere mouthpieces for a corrupt central government. This has been going on for easily half a century. Watergate was Mark Felt’s vengeance for Nixon passing him over as J. Edgar’s successor at The Bureau.

Newt Gingrich wrote on Thursday, “One of the most amazing things about the establishment’s Watergate effort against Nixon is that Nixon’s predecessors, Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson, had done far more illegal things. The allegations with which Nixon was personally charged pale in comparison. Even more astounding, many of the people who worked to destroy Nixon had been directly involved in breaking the law in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. It is stunning in retrospect how hypocritical Nixon’s enemies were.”

Of course, Obama was far worse. And the media helped him.

Democrats are trying to drain President Trump with legal fees from an unprecedented 91 indictments in four separate cases and two frivolous lawsuits. Instead of siding for justice, the media cheers this on. No one in their right mind would believe this is an independent press, which is why no one in their right mind reads or views them except for professional purposes.

In NYC, prosecutor Alvin Bragg allows militant goons to beat and rob people without consequence while prosecuting Trump over a porn star case that was settled in civil court.

On Thursday, President Trump said, “This is not a crime — and when you look at what’s going on outside on the streets, where violent crime is at an all time high, it’s a great double standard. What it is is election interference. It’s being run by Joe Biden’s White House.”

No mainstream media columnist us taking his side. All those Republican strategists on cable trash-talk him.

Well said Mr. Surber.  America is led by fascists today.  Under Biden, the US is no longer the land of the free. 

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  1. I think Mr. Surber is absolutely correct….If we lose our nation it will be because they are all Communists and want all the peons ( in their feeble minds ) to suffer…Let’s show them we are not putting up with Soreass, Obummer, the Biden crime family, Fauci, and all the rest of those bastards…..


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