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Did the Obama Administration and Democrats Create the Fake Fusion Dossier and then Use It to Spy on President Trump?

The major implication with Fusion GPS’s fake dossier on President Trump is that it was created by Fusion GPS for the Democrats and the Hillary campaign and it is totally ‘fake news’ and then the Obama Administration used it to spy on candidate Trump and President Trump knowing it was fake and created per their request in the first place.

When the Fusion GPS ‘fake news’ dossier came out earlier this year a press conference was held and President Trump adamantly claimed that it was fake and phony.

President Trump claimed that the dossier was fake. The mainstream media didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt. The MSM used the dossier to attack Trump. Then deep state used the dossier to create the fake Russia investigation led by former Head of the FBI Robert Mueller.

President Trump’s followers however gave the President the benefit of the doubt and it soon came out that the dossier was fake, it was debunked and other individuals who were slandered by Fusion came out and shared their stories. Thor Halvorssen was an individual who was slandered by Fusion GPS. He claimed –

Fusion GPS has worked for so many criminal entities and actually they have paid off journalists.”

Others have come out with similar stories. Fusion GPS is nothing but a nasty and corrupt entity that creates outrageous claims against individuals they are paid to slander.

It only makes sense that the nasty and criminal Obama Administration and Clinton campaign would use Fusion to slander Trump.

Fusion, Obama, the Clintons and deep state are all the same corrupt and criminal snakes in a basket.

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