Did Judge Merchan’s Daughter Produce Biden’s Latest Video? | Joe Hoft


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Did Judge Merchan’s Daughter Produce Biden’s Latest Video?

Snarly Joe Biden

Did Judge Merchan’s daughter produce the latest senile Joe Biden video?

Here is Biden’s new video where he accepts President Trump’s challenge to hold a debate.

Daily Mail produced this and noted it had 5 jump cuts in 15 seconds.

Laura Loomer asks if Judge Merchan’s daughter produced the video.

Biden mocks Trump about his NYC trial in a video that was possibly made by Judge Merchan’s daughter’s company

Holy election interference.

@JoeBiden posted this video saying he will “debate” Donald Trump.

He said “pick a date” and then said “I hear you’re free on Wednesdays”.

Wednesdays are the days Judge Merchan holds mental health court and Trump doesn’t have court during his trial.

It’s worth noting that the Biden-Harris campaign is a client of Loren Merchan, Judge Merchan’s daughter, who does digital consulting for the Biden-Harris campaign as President of Authentic Campaigns.

Did Loren Merchan’s company design this video for Joe Biden? Social media videos and management falls under the category of digital consulting, which is the service offered by Loren Merchan’s company.

Biden is now using Trump’s trial overseen by his vendor’s father to avoid debating Donald Trump and to attack Trump over his trial.

This is third world dictator behavior.

These clowns are evil.

2 thoughts on “Did Judge Merchan’s Daughter Produce Biden’s Latest Video?”

  1. Sometimes a gasp is all I can muster over some of these factoids. Thanks for putting these things out there Joe.

    The criminal intent of Joe Biden is obvious, and I believe he cannot act in a law abiding way because of his lifelong habit of bullying, coercing, and lies. This is his nature.

    Smart? I don’t think so. He’s been used by everyone his entire career because he does policy favors for money.

    He thinks he’s cool because he’s gotten rich by grift and believes his own propaganda.

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