Did Crooked Cheatin’ Hillary Have an IPad or Monitor and Notes During the Debate? | Joe Hoft


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Did Crooked Cheatin’ Hillary Have an IPad or Monitor and Notes During the Debate?


Hillary Clinton is not above cheating, lying or stealing to get what she wants so it shouldn’t be any surprise that she is being accused of cheating during Monday’s 1st Presidential debate. Various ways that Hillary apparently cheated have already been identified (e.g. the moderator Holt’s bias, Hillary’s hand signals to Holt during the debate and the noticeable unexplained wires on her back).

Other unusual items are now literally coming to light that show that Hillary may have cheated in additional ways. The below video shows a light on Hillary’s podium go out after the debate. Trump did not have the same light on his podium. The bright light that went out after the debate was a not a light for reading because it was too high and faced her and not the podium. The light appears to be more like a small monitor or teleprompter perhaps used to transmit messages to her during the debate.

Note also that Hillary’s podium has something directly under the top of the podium that Trump’s podium does not have, a sort of black box with an on/off light illuminated.


After the debate a strange man now referred to as ‘the cleaner’ quickly rushed the stage and picked up Hillary’s notes off of her podium. This stranger then handed the notes to Holt as he was leaving the stage. He mysteriously is also the first person to meet Hillary before the debate as she walked in the building after arriving in her black vehicle.

Another video shows ‘the cleaner’ after handing Holt Hillary’s notes, grab something from under Hillary’s podium while looking guilty of doing something and then he eventually walks out with the Clinton’s. It looks like he took the black box noted above that was under the podium.

Clintons = Corrupt Cheaters

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