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DEPUTY DA ANN FAWAZ, A Corrupt Candidate for Judge in Orange County, Defends Gang Violence Against Trump Supporters

Deputy DA Ann Fawaz, a corrupt candidate for judge in Orange County, defends gang violence against Trump supporters.

A senior deputy district attorney in DA Todd Spitzer’s  self proclaimed, supposed anti-crime Orange County, California office, is prosecuting American patriot, pro-freedom activist Kim Sorgente for defending himself against known Santa Ana gangbangers, who attacked him and others with knives and brass knuckles when at a ‘Stop the Steal – America First’ rally in December,  2020.  The attackers are believed to be supported by George Soros funded organizations.

Three thugs wearing black masks and hoodies, one with devil horns tattooed on his forehead, attacked the freedom rally attendees, even shoving and punching elderly women with brass knuckles. Sorgente stepped in to try and defend the women and others, when confronted by all three gangsters who verbally threatened him and then lunged at him. He defended himself with his megaphone.

When the dust settled, Spitzer’s office decided to prosecute Sorgente, a husband and father of two young children, and defend the Santa Ana ‘Lowell Street  Sinners’ gang members, naming them as victims. The crime they charged Kim with? ‘Assault with a Deadly Megaphone.’ He now faces approximately three years in prison.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Ann Fawaz is leading Todd Spitzer’s effort to put Kim away. During ongoing pretrial hearings, you could hear courtroom observers groaning and moaning,  expressing disbelief when hearing how she refers to the gangbangers as victims and Kim as the perpetrator. The frustration was even more obvious when observers viewed the video footage of the conflict when shown in court, which clearly depicts Sorgente and the pro-freedom crowd as the victims.

What is more alarming, is that Ann Fawaz, the prosecutor in this case is now running for Orange County Judge ( Another anti-American, ‘Enemy Within’ political candidate trying  to snake her way into office, where she can continue helping  advance the pro George Soros upside down world agenda, of dismantling law and order, and the American way of life we all once knew and cherished.

Ann who’s birth name is Young Cho, is a Korean American. And by looking at her website, she tries hard to pander to Korean Americans for support of her candidacy. We though can only wonder what the historically anti-communist, conservative Korean American community would think of her if they knew what side of the fight she was really on.

Judge Michael F. Murray and Robert A. Knox who have presided over most of the pretrial hearings have also appeared to pile on Sorgente, issuing ruling after ruling against his legal defense.

As for Todd Spitzer and  his recent slogan ‘Don’t LA my OC!’, he should change it to ‘Let’s LA OUR OC!’.  Because as the man in charge of this treasonous prosecution of hero Kim Sorgente, he has clearly revealed himself as a George Gascon fanboy admirer.  It is traitor Spitzer who has authorized, directed and funded Kim Sorgente’s prosecution, with ‘tiny tyrant in’ training Fawaz willingly and gladly doing his dirty work.  And with both of them along with his left wing, mini-gestapo zombies, their obvious aim is  to nail Sorgente’s pelt to their trophy wall.

If they can do this to Kim Sorgente, imagine what they will try to do to all of us next. So it is up to each of you to come to Kim’s defense, and if you call yourself an American Patriot, you will! Because if he is put away, the America we are all fighting for,  will be significantly weakened because of it.

Kim’s next court date:

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 at 9am.

Central Justice Center
Orange County Superior Court
700 West Civic Center Drive
Santa Ana, CA
Courtroom # C-5, Second Floor


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