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Demonic Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Shows Up at President Trump’s Indictment in DC

Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson celebrated President Trump’s BS indictment in Washington, D.C. by showing up to the event in court. 

Corrupt Obama judges Amy Berman Jackson and James Boasberg showed up at President Trump’s indictment in Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

Boasberg is the former head of the FISA Court that allowed Barack Obama and his corrupt DOJ to spy on President Trump without cause.

The Conservative Treehouse reports on an article from far-left Politico:

As noted in Politico describing President Trump’s court appearance yesterday, “Minutes before Trump entered the pin-drop silent room, several federal judges — who have been processing the carnage of Jan. 6, 2021 for more than two years — filed into the public gallery, turning themselves into spectators in a building they typically rule. Chief Judge James Boasberg, who presided over several of the secret grand jury battles that preceded the charges against Trump, was among those marking the moment.”

[…] “Boasberg’s presence in the courtroom was a statement in itself. Alongside him was Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who has in her own courtroom excoriated Republicans who have refused to contradict Trump’s continued lies about the 2020 election. The pair, flanked by other judges and magistrate judges, watched Trump’s every move intently.”

The carnage that these two corrupt Obama judges did to the judiciary are extensive.  In Berman’s court the non-crime of walking through the US Capitol on Jan 6 was charged against innocent Trump supporters who were put in prison for years as a result.  These judges, like Amy Berman Jackson are evil monsters.

THE REGIME IS REAL: Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson Releases Jan. 6 Protester from Pre-Trial Custody After Repudiates Donald Trump

Judge Jackson ruled over the Paul Manafort and Roger Stone cases where she nearly killed them for BS crimes.  She sent Manafort to solitary confinement for nearly a year and lied to Stone during his case saying there was nothing in the Mueller report that would exonerate Stone.  It turned out that the Mueller report exonerated Stone of any wrongdoing.

EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt and Biased Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Refuses Stone Request – Orders Him to Prison on July 14th

2 thoughts on “Demonic Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Shows Up at President Trump’s Indictment in DC”

  1. They are Trump Blood Suckers!
    These Judges are Blood thirsty Radical Democrats. They want Trump to take the Fall for thier Orchestrated J6 Insurrection. Trump is the Only Obstical between them and their ability to continue their Corrupt Political Careers, the Fall of the Radical Democrat Party and their Radical Agenda!


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