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Democrats Still in Denial – Fearful of Facing Reasons for Their Loss


The Democratic Party’s response to their recent shellacking in the November 2016 elections is to blame the results on everything but their terrible candidate and terrible policies.

Democrats first blamed the 10% of the media that they don’t control as the reason for their demise. This is in part true. Americans by the millions went to sites like this one to obtain fair and unbiased news reporting during this election cycle. At the same time WikiLeaks released Hillary campaign manager John Podesta emails that showed that the Democrats have nearly total control of the media. The Democrats believe if they stop free speech all together they can then win elections. They don’t consider changing their positions.

Democrats next asserted that the elections were rigged, agreeing with Donald Trump. They enlisted the services of Green Party candidate Jill Stein to request recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. This did not work and it supported Trump’s assertion that the elections are rigged and Democrats are doing the rigging. (See Detroit and Nevada for examples.)


The Democrats next blamed Russia for interfering with the election and giving Trump the win. This insanity puts not only the US election process in peril, it also puts the US relations with Russia back to the Cold War era. If the Russians wanted a particular candidate to win in this year’s election, it was Hillary Clinton. She gave them the Russian reset, uranium in the US and an easy rode in their takeover of Crimea, etc.

Finally, the Democrats are trying to overturn the election by requesting that the Republican Electoral College candidates vote not for Trump but for anyone else – they are not saying vote for Hillary, wink, wink…. What arrogant and misguided lefties. They really do come across as sore dumb losers.

As the Democrats continue with their madness of blaming everyone and everything for their loss instead of themselves, Republicans are quick to encourage Democrats to look within like they did after the 2012 election loss to Obama. Let’s hope they do.

In 2013 after the Romney loss, “Republicans listed 6 Big Takeaways From The RNC’s Incredible 2012 Autopsy”. These items included the following:

  1. Pass Immigration Reform Yesterday This position encouraged amnesty for all illegal aliens in the US and to keep the borders open. (Trump won the 2016 election by doing the opposite including promising to ‘Build That Wall”.)
  2. Listen To Minorities

This position said in part, “Minority outreach doesn’t always come naturally to the party.” (Trump won a significant number of minorities by pointing out that Democrat policies stink and by promising jobs and to help those in the inner cities.)

  1. Gays Aren’t Going Away

This RNC position leaned towards endorsing gay marriage. (Trump won by staying away from the topic of gay marriage, but won more gays than ever by being the candidate who would protect Americans and gays from radical Islamic terrorism.)

  1. Epistemic Closure Is Real

“Epistemic closure,” a condition in which conservatives block out all dissenting voices until eventually their own arguments sound nonsensical to anyone who doesn’t already agree with them. The RNC report concluded this was a real and growing problem. (This has not changed. When Trump rose through the Republican primaries a group of ‘Nevertrumpers’ in their infinite wisdom decided they knew more than the voters and did all they could to stop Trump from winning. This continued through the general election. Still today a number of Republicans think they know better than Trump and the American people.)

  1. Look To The States

The RNC report highlighted governorships, like Chris Christie in New Jersey and John Kasich in Ohio, who both were ‘moving to the center and gaining in popularity’. (Trump crushed these two candidates for President in the primaries by sticking to conservative positions where it mattered most. Trump talked about poor trade deals, getting people jobs and protecting the American people from terrorists and as a result won in an Electoral College landslide.)

  1. Stop Being The Rich Guys

The RNC report was concerned that the party was too closely tied with wealthy interests. (Donald Trump is a billionaire who stood up for the little guy.)

Some in the Republican Party think that their Takeaways from the 2012 election are what won the 2016 election. This was not the case. If not for Trump it is highly unlikely that the Republican Party would be celebrating a White House win.

We can only hope the Democrats create a similar list of takeaways that prevent them from winning in the future as well.

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