Democrats Haven’t Had a Legitimate Election Since 2008 and They Won’t Have One in 2024 Either | Joe Hoft


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Democrats Haven’t Had a Legitimate Election Since 2008 and They Won’t Have One in 2024 Either

Biden Senility

Democrats haven’t had a legitimate election primary since 2008 and they won’t have one this year as well. 

Corrupt Obama beat Corrupt Hillary in 2008.  There was no primary in 2012.

In 2016 there was no primary as Hillary was ordained with the nomination.  Communist Bernie Sanders nearly destroyed their plans so they stole the election for Hillary.  Then they couldn’t steal enough votes for Hillary in the election and President Trump shocked everyone but those who wanted to make America a better place after 8 years of Obama’s destruction of the country.

In 2020 Biden was ordained by the Democrat machine after it looked like Bernie again was going to win the primaries.  Senile Biden stuck in his basement and then the Deep State machine stole the election for Biden.

Now with 2024 here, Joe Biden is no shape to run for office.  The Democrats announced today through the corrupt DOJ that Biden will not be running for the Presidency.  (The DOJ basically shared that Biden can’t remember enough to be charged for seditious crimes of giving top secret documents to China.)

Corrupt DOJ Blames Biden’s FAILING MEMORY for Reason Not to Indict Him with Multiple Crimes for Having Possession of Classified Docs

The Babylon Bee reported this best.

Many can see what is really going on.  The Democrats will have no primary and likely Michelle (Michael) Obama will be the 2024 nominee.  She now doesn’t have to address questions about whether she is a man or a trans.

This was their plan all along.

Now they have an off-ramp to justify ditching Biden, and now they can select whoever they want to be the next placeholder for Obama’s shadow government.

Effectively circumventing a Primary for the DNC.

And they call it “Democracy”.

And this is all supposed to be normal. 

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