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Democrats Growing Fear – They’re Being Lied to Again!

The media is doing all it can again to promote false hopes using faux polls to encourage the Democrat base that their candidate, former VP Joe Biden, is in the lead against President Trump in the 2020 Presidential campaign.

But Democrats and especially Republicans know that the same was said last election and this time President Trump has an incredible track record to run on while Democrats have aligned themselves with BLM, riots, lawlessness and China.

In Pennsylvania, counties that President Trump lost in 2016 are turning red. Long time Democrats are reportedly changing parties because the current Democrat party of radical BLM rioters and high taxes is perceived as not being the Democrat party that their parents belonged to:

It’s likely that this is not an anomaly but rather a trend. Thanks to President Trump more Americans know that the media, the Democrat Party and Deep State government employees are aligned in a radical attempt to desroy a just and free America.

Columnist and author Kurt Schlichter at Townhall wrote an opinion piece asking, “What If It’s All A Lie?” In this piece Schlichter begins:

Would you be shocked to learn that a big hunk of the citizenry is absolutely convinced that Donald Trump will not only be re-elected but re-elected in a landslide? It’s true, and it’s not an ironic or performative belief, but rather one drawn from a perspective that the mainstream media utterly ignores. This means you probably have no idea it even exists, and that could lead to an unpleasant surprise in November.

Well, unpleasant for you.

Remember that apocryphal anecdote about how Pauline Kael moaned that she did not know anyone voting for Dick Nixon? If you’re here, then that’s very likely you.

You can dismiss these people as stupid – many of them really believe that Jesus stuff, deny systemic racism, and have no fear of civilization being destroyed by the weather in a decade or so.

After all, President Hillary Clinton did.

Didn’t there arise in your mind, that agonizing Wednesday morning after Mrs. Clinton’s ruination, just the faintest notion that you had been lied to? You tracked the polls, and you reviewed the percentages – most hovering above 90% – that assured you that the glass ceiling was in for an epic shattering. And yet, no shattering was forthcoming. Whether expressly or by omission, you were lied to.

And it is happening again.

We will see but all indications are that Schlichter is right on track.

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