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Democrats Efforts to Slander and Defame Judge Kavanaugh Backfire – Americans Fed Up with Lowlife Liberal Smears

The Liberal Democrat’s agenda to slander and defame Judge Kavanaugh are backfiring. Americans everywhere (especially women) see through their nasty tricks and are totally disgusted. Red wave coming!

As liberals pile on in slanderous and concerted attacks on Judge Kavanaugh in hopes to derail his Senate confirmation, Americans are seeing right through it and are raging with disgust!

No one, including Liberals, believes the Kavanaugh accusers –

Common sense is not so common with Democrats who want to prevent Kavanaugh from being a Supreme Court Justice at all costs –

In their disgust, Americans are letting Republican Senators know the cost of not confirming Kavanaugh in spite of these attacks –

Americans agree that journalism in America is now dead –

Democrat Senators like Feinstein are so predictable –

When the creepy porn lawyer joins in you know its all a lie –

The GOP’s response has been labeled ‘gutless’ –

One woman shared how her entire nail salon of 40 or so women all agreed that the slander of Kavanaugh was a ‘hit job’ – Women see through this! –

It’s like 1991 all over when Judge Thomas was slandered by Anita Hill and he stated that it was a disgusting travesty. He went through what Judge Kavanaugh today is going through and he explained it as being “lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the US Senate rather than hung from a tree!”

God bless Judge Kavanaugh and his family and let’s pray the Republicans in Congress see this for what it is and act quickly, decisively and with direction in approving Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court!

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