Democrats Are Unraveling – They Know They Are Caught Pushing a No-Crime Sham Trump Impeachment | Joe Hoft


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Democrats Are Unraveling – They Know They Are Caught Pushing a No-Crime Sham Trump Impeachment

The Democrats are not acting like they are winning. The stress of their criminal activities during the Obama Administration coming out and their non-crime impeachment of President Trump is starting to take its toll.

The Democrat’s impeachment sham is coming undone. The more light that shines on it, the worse it gets. Wednesday’s performance by far-left Democrat elites in the law profession proved a disaster. This was the last thing the Democrats expected in the push of their no-crime unconstitutional impeachment of President Trump.

The lone Republican lawyer allowed to present was actually a Democrat. But he was honest in pointing out that the Democrats are doing what they are claiming the President had done –

So of course Speaker Pelosi began Thursday with a press conference where she announced that the Democrats were moving ahead with impeachment, to hell with laws and the constitution. The markets didn’t change as a result as if to say we knew all along the Democrats were going to do this. It’s no surprise but President Trump will still be President.

Next, the President’s daily approval rating went up – a stick in Pelosi’s eye –

Then Pelosi went in front of the press and when asked if she hated President Trump, she blew a gasket –

She didn’t look like she was winning –

She responded claiming she doesn’t hate because she’s a good Catholic. This received responses from good Catholics –

Then Joe Biden at an event in Iowa called a man fat who asked about Biden’s son Hunter and his being placed on a corrupt Ukrainian Gas Company Board –

It looks like Biden gets upset when you talk about the Ukraine – Rudy may know why –

Everybody knew the Democrats would impeach President Trump for a ham sandwich which they are doing. They may be now finally realizing that nobody is shocked with their false accusations or fake news media smears of President Trump. Democrats are losing bigly.

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