Delta Airlines Refuses Physician and Wife of Deceased Navy Captain to Honor Deceased Soldier on Flight Home to Atlanta

Delta Airlines flew the body of a deceased soldier back to Atlanta and on that flight was the soldier’s friend and a plane full of Americans. One American on the flight, Dr. Pamela Dee Gaudry, was moved when she found out that the soldier was on her flight. Dr. Gaudry was the wife of a Navy Captain who served our country for 20 years who is now also deceased.

Dr. Gaudry explained in a post she shared after the flight on Facebook that she knew that the soldier would be removed from the plane first and so she when to everyone on the plane and asked if they would be happy to join her in singing the National Anthem when the soldier’s body was removed from the plane. Most people on the plane agreed with her as she went from isle to isle on the plane speaking to the patrons.

However, shortly before the plane landed, a stewardess came up to Dr. Gaudry and explained that it was Delta’s police that she should not sing the National Anthem on the plane. Delta was afraid of what some of the passengers might think. So the Dr. complied.

When she got off the plane she prepared the attached moving video.

Dr. Guadry – You are a Patriot!

(Hat tip Bob Berke)

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