Deep State’s Mary McCord’s Husband Works for Supreme Court Justice Roberts – This Explains It All | Joe Hoft


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Deep State’s Mary McCord’s Husband Works for Supreme Court Justice Roberts – This Explains It All


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Deep State Mary McCord’s husband runs Chief Justice Roberts shop – no wonder Justice Roberts makes so many horrible decisions. 

Mary McCord was behind General Flynn’s ambush and his removal from the Trump White House.  She is a Deep State attack dog.

Mary McCord was the architect of all Trump targeting efforts. The FISA on Carter Page, the weaponization of the DOJ-NSD, the installation of Michael Atkinson as Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG), the companion to Sally Yates in the Flynn targeting, lead staff for the Schiff/Nadler impeachment effort, later appointment by FISA Presiding Judge Boasberg to be amicus to the FISC, in combination with Chief Justice John Roberts holding authority over the FISC, and the discovery that Sheldon Snook, McCord’s husband works in Robert’s office as “special assistant to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s counselor. The counselor’s office advises the chief justice not only on the management and budget of the Supreme Court but also on his interactions with the executive and legislative branches, along with numerous other public roles in which Roberts serves.” (link)


This is why Justice Roberts approved corrupt DOJ actor Jack Smith’s action to look into another lie about President Trump.

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith jumped over the appeals court and asked the Supreme Court to decide on President Trump’s position of presidential immunity for his requests to secure the integrity of the 2020 election while in office.   In the fastest turn around time in history, the Supreme Court [Robert’s office] said yes, they will hear the arguments.

Judge Roberts was involved in canning the Texas case where half of the states and President Trump were suing the corrupt results in the swing states in the 2020 Election.  Roberts said we all, including the President, had no standing in the case.

Roberts has made numerous horrible decisions surrounding Obamacare and more.  We suspected he was compromised.  Some believe he was targeted at Epstein Island.  Now we know he’s connected to Deep Stater Mary McCord.

This is the cancer.  For the sake of the Union, Roberts needs to get rid of it.  

2 thoughts on “Deep State’s Mary McCord’s Husband Works for Supreme Court Justice Roberts – This Explains It All”

  1. I think Roberts can decide who works for him. He accepted those people. Plus we have leaks which could easily be found and Roberts chose not to.

    After he flipped on Obamacare, in a scribbling and contradictory opinion, it was disclosed that he wrote part of the decisions for both sides, and he headed off to Malta to hide.


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