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Deep State Bob Woodward Bashes Trump – Jeff Clark Shuts Him Up

Bob Woodward is a fool and attorney Jeff Clark makes this obvious.

Former DOJ Double Assistant AG, Jeff Clark, wasn’t putting up with Deep State Watergate goon Bob Woodward’s latest Deep State hit on President Trump.  He let him have it after he pushed a BS narrative against President Trump at far-left Raw Story.

Read this article and then take in these three points:

1) The article makes clear that General Milley is leaking to Bob Woodward classified conversations with President Trump over classified materials. Where’s the prosecution of Milley under the Espionage Act?

2) General Milley is also violating the most basic and sacred duties of confidentiality by talking to Woodward about interchanges with his Commander in Chief. Where’s Milley’s court martial?

3) Woodward ridiculously says that there is no one in government more dangerous to national security than Trump. This is one of the stupidest statements I’ve ever heard. Trump pulled us out of and kept us out of foreign wars. With Biden, we are embroiled in Ukraine and threatening Russia, which has almost 6,000 nuclear weapons. And under Biden, we now have the Chinese off Cuba and launching balloons over our territory with impunity.

We also have 51 intelligence community politicos covering for Hunter Biden, to say nothing of a coup started 7 years ago against President Trump for fake Russian collusion, lasting through his entire first term in office and beyond.

And it’s Trump who’s the danger, Bob Woodward? You make me laugh.  How can anyone take you seriously? You’re a sick joke.

Clark followed up on this tweet with a comment about Milley.

It appears clear now that Woodard is a Deep State asset.  He was used to set up and take down one of the most popular Presidents in US history, President Richard Nixon.  Since then he acts like a scholar but we all know he’s a Deep State plant.

How many people are in this country who are Deep State plants?

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