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Dean and Former US Rep. Michele Bachmann Warns About Biden Turning Over US Sovereignty to the Global Elites


Dean and former US Rep. from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann warned on the Joe Hoft Show that the illegitimate Biden gang is already moving forward with WHO control over the people of the US.  

Dean Bachmann shared with Joe Hoft in an excellent interview her observations of the WHO and Biden’s plans to turn over US sovereignty to the world elites.

Dean Bachmann shared, in part:

For my money, this is the biggest issue going on right now.  It’s not a nonsense issue, it’s an existential issue.  It’s this quite frankly…they wanted to change the World Health Organization to being an advicement-only body, to being a regulatory and enforcement body…

…[COVID] was used as a tool of control…

…Why would you want to empower the United Nations to have control over all the nations of the earth?…

The Biden Administration wants to empower the UN to empower its rights on the American people.  This was not voted on but the WHO, the EU and others are implementing a pandemic passport now.

“They’re not waiting.  They didn’t ask for a vote.”

Listen to more below starting at the 20:00 minute mark.


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