Dan Bongino “Shocked”, The View “Cheers”, Others Point Out Clues from Tucker’s Last Show and Recent Speeches

Tucker Carlson had one of the best shows on cable news because he was very sharp and he covered the truth, despite what appeared to be FOX News censoring his message.  It still was a shock today when the news came out that Tucker Carlson was separating ways with FOX.

Tucker’s last moment on the best show on cable TV.

Dan Bongina stopped his show to note Tucker leaving FOX – he’s stunned – “wow” –

Tucker presented at the Heritage Foundation last week and shared how disappointed he was in people –  “The herd instinct may be the strongest instinct” Tucker was good because he had the courage to tell the truth.

Tucker also discussed the dishonest news media.  The View cheered and sang Tucker goodbye.  What stupid women.  By the way, does anyone else wonder what is so special about Whoopi?

Tucker had the best show because he was closest to reporting the truth.  FOX News is done.  

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