Crowd Chants “Four More Years” as President Trump Visits Bodega in Harlem | Joe Hoft


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Crowd Chants “Four More Years” as President Trump Visits Bodega in Harlem

Massive crowd greets President Trump in Harlem.

President Trump stopped by the bodega in Harlem where store clerk was attacked, and nearly killed before being forced to save his own life.

Here is a view of President Trump arriving at the event after a long day in a Manhattan kangaroo court.

The venue is one of thousands of examples of the out of control in New York city with some coming from violent illegals.

JUST IN: Large crowd gathers in Harlem, New York as Donald Trump makes an appearance at a bodega where a man was stabbed to death by an illegal immigrant.

“We love Trump. We love Trump,” the crowd chanted.

The campaign stop is where illegal immigrant Jose Alba stabbed and killed 35-year-old Austin Simon. Alba, who was working as a store clerk, was charged with murder.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office dropped the murder charges just weeks later after they claimed they couldn’t prove Alba did not act in self-defense.

“Bodegas are a lifeline to underserved communities, and President Trump believes that only by undoing the Democrat(ic) party’s soft-on-crime policies can law and order be fully restored to every borough throughout New York City,” the Trump campaign said.


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