Creepy and Crooked Leftist Judge “Nudie” Engoron Rules Not to Remove Himself from Trump Case Despite Massive Conflicts | Joe Hoft


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Creepy and Crooked Leftist Judge “Nudie” Engoron Rules Not to Remove Himself from Trump Case Despite Massive Conflicts

Judge Engoron Smirk

The corrupt and crazy judge in the BS New York case where there is no crime and no victim is not going to remove himself from the case despite his radical biases against President Trump. 

Judge Nudie has a bucket of bias that he is ignoring in moving on with the sham civil case in New York.  This case is total BS.

President trump’s team asked for a mistrial a week ago due to the creepy judge’s biases.

Trump Legal Team Asks for Mistrial in NY Civil Case Because of Lunatic Judge’s Conflicts

This crazy judge is not only a biased radical in the courtroom, he is a sicko outside the courtroom.

Crazy and Corrupt NY Judge “NUDIE” Engoron Exposed – Shared Half-Naked Pics of Himself Online

But yesterday, this judge argued that he is not a lunatic or biased and the case with no crimes and no victims must move on with him running the prosecution.

A New York judge shot down Donald Trump’s oush to get a mistrial in a civil fraud lawsuit that threatens to force him and co-defendants to give up hundreds of millions of dollars and block him from running a business in the state.

Trump and several co-defendants argued this week that their ongoing trial should get tossed out, in part, because the judge’s main law clerk, Allison Greenfield, attended a Democratic event in which speakers advocated for Joe Biden and received applause when commenting on a fight against issues tied to Trump.

However, Judge Arthur Engoron said his clerk attending the event, sponsored by an outside organization, didn’t mean the organization’s opinions and actions should be linked to the clerk and the judge.

“Such arguments are nonsensical; and in any event, they are a red herring, as my Principal Law Clerk does not make rulings or issue orders — I do,” the judge said.

The judge’s assistant sitting next to him in court is a radical leftist goon.

Crazy NY Judge Demands President Trump Stop Highlighting His Corrupt Team – Meanwhile President Trump Laments Corruption in NY

Judge Engoron has ordered that Mar-a-Lago is only worth $18 million dollars.  This is the crutch of the case and the judge is way off.

He’s just another radical leftist lunatic with no respect for the law, only for the fascist leaders destroying this country.  He’s also a creepy idiot.  

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