CRAZY! Individuals Who Claim No Fraud or Issues in 2020 Election Are Severely Damaging Election Integrity Efforts | Joe Hoft


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CRAZY! Individuals Who Claim No Fraud or Issues in 2020 Election Are Severely Damaging Election Integrity Efforts

Election integrity operatives who claim that the 2020 Election was fine are helping the crooks who stole the 2020 Election to steal all future elections. 

Scott Presler is working to get more people to sign up for elections who support President Trump.  This is an admirable task. However, suggesting that the 2020 Election wasn’t stolen, that Trump just needed more votes, is inaccurate and damaging to all efforts for election integrity.

Tim Pool invited Scott Presler on his show to discuss election integrity. Presler shared the following on Pool’s show. 

Scott Presler is a good guy.  I met him once years ago and he seemed sincere in his support for President Trump and America.  I next saw him cleaning up inner cities and admired that greatly.  At least he was doing something about the communist left’s destruction of America’s cities.

But after the uncertifiable 2020 Election was certified, some individuals like Presler may have missed the ball when they concluded that the problem was President Trump didn’t win enough votes.  This premise denies the facts.

President Trump received more votes than any President ever.  He was the first individual to receive more than 70 million legitimate votes.  He earned more than 10 million more votes than in 2016 when he beat corrupt Hillary.  The list of records set by President Trump in the 2020 Election in my 2nd book on election steal – The Steal – Volume II: The Impossible Occurs.

The list of successful results for President Trump is immense.  A whole chapter is devoted to this in the above mentioned book.  In addition to this, millions of votes from unknown individuals were accepted in the swing states because signature verifications were not performed.  Millions more ballots were uncertifiable because we have no idea where they came from due to a lack of chain of custody.

The data itself had anomalies that made no sense.  When researched we learned that the election machines are not properly certified and that the government’s own report notes that the election systems are not secure.  [In the corporate world if a system was not secure it would not be put into production.]

There are numerous issues that President Trump didn’t win the election but they all involve the election process, systems and people involved, not that President Trump didn’t have enough votes.

It doesn’t matter how many votes President Trump receives, with corrupt systems, processes and people, he will never win. 

This is why it is important and helpful to add more legitimate voters to the election rolls across the country who want to vote for President Trump, but to not stop there.

We have to address the processes, systems and people.

Much work is going on in this regard.  One team I am part of is doing just this – identifying key controls in the election processes and working to ensure these controls are embedded in the upcoming election.

We must stop the steal by these evil and corrupt communists who hate America. 



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