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Cowardly, Criminal and Corrupt Jack Smith Twists Truth Again and Claims President Trump Is Scaring Him

Poor cowardly Jack Smith says he’s scared of President Trump. 

Jack Smith will go down as the most corrupt and evil prosecutor in US history.  This unimpressive cowardly man did the impossible in bringing three bogus cases against the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Now Smith claims that he is afraid of what President Trump might do.

President Trump shared a Truth yesterday where he rightly said:


Immediately, the corrupt media and cowardly Jack Smith claimed that they were scared.  They think they should be able to bring BS cases against the real President of the United States who they attempted a Russia collusion lie coup on during his Presidency, who they stole the 2020 Election from, who they set up on Jan 6, and who they have convicted on multiple made up felonies that aren’t even crimes in the courts to hurt President Trump again and help their saviour the old, uninspiring, corrupt and criminal Biden family.

Daily Mail reports:

The special counsel overseeing a Donald Trump indictment has sought an emergency protective order just hours after the ex-president made a social media post viewed as threatening to witnesses.

Jack Smith entered Trump’s post – saying ‘IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU’ – into evidence on Friday night, shortly after it was posted.

Smith says the post shows Trump cannot be trusted to keep confidential information disclosed to defendants ahead of a criminal trial confidential.

What a loser and coward these Biden-Obama gang members are.  We’ve never seen the amount of corruption and destruction of this country from such losers.

President Trump responded to these false accusations as follows in a Truth this morning:

Poor little Jack Smith and his fellow cowardly criminal prosecutors are scared.

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