Coward Jack Smith May Have Purposely Ignored Exonerating Material in His Possession to Indict President Trump in DC Court | Joe Hoft


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Coward Jack Smith May Have Purposely Ignored Exonerating Material in His Possession to Indict President Trump in DC Court

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Reports circulated shortly before Jack Smith’s corrupt, cowardly, and criminal indictments of President Trump that Smith likely ignored exculpatory material to move forward with the indictments. 

Former NYC Police Chief Bernie Kerik, who was singled out by the corrupt Obama-Biden regime on false accusations, provided information to Jack Smith’s team with exonerating material on the BS Trump indictment in DC.  It appears that corrupt and cowardly Smith ignored the information to push forward with his backwoods indictment.

Catherine Herridge with CBS released a tweet shortly before Thursday’s BS indictment of President Trump in Washington D.C.

Tim Parlatore, used to work for Trump’s legal team, and now represents Kerik.  He shared:

The documents were submitted to Smith on July 23, according to emails reviewed by CBS News. A source close to Kerik’s legal team said at the time that they believed the records, which include sworn affidavits from people raising concerns about the integrity of the 2020 presidential contest, show there was a genuine effort to investigate claims of voter fraud in the last election.

In an Aug. 2 email to Parlatore, reviewed by CBS News, a special counsel’s office prosecutor requested “responsive documents as to which the Trump campaign is no longer asserting a privilege,” referring to the Kerik records Parlatore said he previously provided.

Parlatore said he was “stunned” when, after the indictment came down, the prosecutor contacted him asking for the records he said he had already provided. Parlatore said the “records are absolutely exculpatory.”

“They bear directly on the essential element of whether Rudy Giuliani, and therefore Donald Trump, knew that their claims of election fraud were false,” Parlatore said. “Good- faith reliance upon claims of fraud, even if they later turn out to be false, is very different from pushing fraud claims that you know to be false at the time.”

Parlatore told CBS News last week he expected Kerik to be interviewed by investigators “soon,” but that has not yet happened. Parlatore was among the key lawyers working for Trump in the Justice Department’s investigations into the former president, but left the legal team in May.

Smith’s team ignored the exculpatory information to indict the former President of the United States in a BS case in a corrupt Obama judge court.

It’s time for all Americans to wake up and see that these people are evil and do not care about the law.  They care only about destroying America, our duly elected President of two terms and the American people. 

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