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Corrupt Wisconsin Speaker Vos Challenges His Recall – Organizers Claim Sabotage

Robin Vos Under Threat

When local far-left publications support a Republican against recall efforts he may not be the GOP’s side. 

This is exactly what’s happening in the recall effort of Speaker Vos in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos supported the certification of the 2020 Election despite massive fraud, unconstitutional acts and vote manipulation which Vos promised to get to the bottom of.

His actions in every way since the 2020 Election have led to a recall effort in his Wisconsin Congressional district.

More than the required number of signatures were provided to the state to initiate the recall.  In response, the corrupt Speaker challenges the recall.

A local Wisconsin publication sides with Vos and shares:

Organizers of a recall effort against Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have fallen “woefully short of the minimum signature threshold,” Vos asserted in a challenge filed Thursday with the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Vos, who earlier this week described organizers of the recall as “whack jobs and morons,” also claimed in the challenge that petitions submitted to the commission earlier this month were “plagued with fraud and criminality,” providing examples of at least 20 individuals named on the petitions who claim their signatures were forged.

“This failed effort has proven to be what I said it would be from the beginning — a waste of time and resources,” Vos said in a statement. “That is especially true for the residents whose identities have been stolen and the local officials who must now investigate these matters.”

The article goes on to blast the effort to remove Vos from office and shares his petition to end the recall effort.  The Wisconsin Elections Commission which is led by a notably corrupt Meagan Wolfe who Vos supports is validating the recall effort.

Corrupt Wisconsin RINO Speaker Robin Vos Doing All He Can to Keep Corrupt Wisconsin Elections Director Meagan Wolfe in Place for 2024 Election 

The article does at the very end provide a response from those behind the recall effort.

Organizers of the recall effort in a statement Monday attributed suspicious signatures to “sabotage” committed by people from outside the state.

Organizers said they “meticulously followed every rule,” adding later that “despite our vigilance, a few unverified petitions slipped through due to a volunteer oversight, a regrettable yet isolated incident.”

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