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Corrupt Senator Mark Warner Pushes His RESTRICT ACT Which Will End Freedom in America – It Must Be Stopped

Corrupt, Creepy and Ugly Senator Mark Warner from Virginia is still at it.  He’s pushing the Restrict Act that will allow the federal government to steal elections and prevent Americans from speaking out for election integrity. 

People like Senator Warner are monsters.  They don’t represent the people of the US.  They represent the Deep State. 

Corrupt Senator Mark Warner’s Restrict Act gives the government enormous power to use against Americans in elections.  It must be stopped. 

Previously the Restrict Act was uncovered and reported on.

However, the mention of the corruption within the Restrict Act was censored on Twitter.

Legacy media has discussed the RESTRICT Act as a measure merely to ban TicTok – a Chinese social media app – even though TicTok is not even mentioned in the bill.  The RESTRICT Act is actually a sinister attack on the First Amendment.

This Act is introduced by corrupt Democrat Senator Mark Warner of Russia Collusion fame. Warner was in on the scandal from the start and was behind the request for the Mueller Special Counsel.  It was all a lie.

Warner’s RESTRICT Act vastly increases the federal government’s ability to spy on Americans’ online activity and punish them severely for sharing information that opposes the official narrative.  But what hasn’t been noticed until now – the RESTRICT Act will provide the federal government with enormous control over American elections.

Section 3 of the proposed legislation gives the federal government this extremely broad power: (

“The Secretary… is authorized to and shall take action to identify, deter, disrupt, prevent, prohibit, investigate, or otherwise mitigate, including by negotiating, entering into, or imposing, and enforcing any mitigation measure to address any risk arising from any covered transaction by any person, or with respect to any property, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States that the Secretary determines…

(C) interfering in, or altering the result or reported result of a Federal election, as determined in coordination with the Attorney General, the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Treasury, and the Federal Election Commission, or

(D) coercive or criminal activities by a foreign adversary that are designed to undermine democratic processes and institutions or steer policy and regulatory decisions in favor of the strategic objectives of a foreign adversary to the detriment of the national security of the United States, as determined in coordination with the Attorney General, the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Treasury, and the Federal Election Commission.”

In other words – the federal government can decide that spying on local election networks is necessary to mitigate any supposed threat from any “foreign” entity and local jurisdictions will not be able to prevent them. In fact, opting out of the Albert Sensor surveillance program will become a federal crime. 

Just as the Patriot Act was propped up to monitor the activities of “foreign” terrorism threats, but instead is used against American citizens domestically, the RESTRICT Act will be used against all that question the legitimacy of elections, by making such advocacy a crime.

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EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Senator Mark Warner’s “Restrict Act” Is the Patriot Act for Elections that Gives the Government Enormous Power – Forcing Counties to Enable “Albert Sensors” or Mandate Other Sinister Election Activities

Warner was on Sunday Talk Show (De)Face the Nation yesterday where he discussed his RESTRICT bill.  He is pushing this bill without telling Americans what is in it.  

But what Conservative Treehouse points out is that by what he said, Warner admits that the documents taken by President Trump after he left office included documents that outlined his and the Deep State’s crimes in the Russia Collusion scandal.  Warner and the Deep State wants to prevent Presidents from taking documents with them in the future.  This will prevent Deep State crimes from ever being exposed.

Warner shares about the so-called classified documents found in Mar-a-Lago and the documents that have been found in Joe Biden’s possession and he lies his head off.  (Mark Warner is a total creep.)

MARGARET BRENNAN: I have to pick up where your Republican colleague just left off. Are the Trump and Biden classified documents that were in their personal possession, and not in controlled areas, equally egregious?

MARK WARNER: Well, Margaret, three things quickly. One, the administration took way too long to get us these documents. Two, while Mike and I have a great working relationship, I believe, based on the documents I’ve seen, that there is a difference in terms of the potential abuse that came from the Trump documents. And, third, it’s one of the reasons why I’ve got bipartisan legislation that would reform the whole classification process. We way overclassify. We, frankly, should have a process in place so that no president or vice president ever takes documents after they leave office. That is kind of the lowest common fruit.

The entire question was a lie.  To say the President Trump’s records were not in a controlled area with Secret Service and personal security present is a lie.  Biden’s documents were laying around in his garage. 

Warner does not say that President Trump had every right to take whatever documents he wanted when he left the White House.  Warner neglects to mention President Trump declassified all the documents related to Russia collusion.  Therefore any of those in his possession were not classified. 

Warner also decided to claim that the classified documents found in Biden’s possession were fine.  But Biden had no Presidential Records Act to lean on and he had classified documents in his possession and still does for all we know.  

This tells us that the Deep State stole the records from President Trump that were rightly in his possession and that they want to make it so that the Deep State can do whatever it wants to going forward. 

See the discussion below:

Sunday Talks – Senator Mark Warner Says SSCI Bill to Block All Presidents from Fourth Branch Classified Intelligence Close to Completion

The Deep State never sleeps.  Americans wake up.  Please wake up fast. 

2 thoughts on “Corrupt Senator Mark Warner Pushes His RESTRICT ACT Which Will End Freedom in America – It Must Be Stopped”

  1. Warner has been in bed with the Communists for years. His entire life has been a quest for power, and chose politics over the (respectable business) path his parents wanted for him. He stays in office by laying low and working behind the scenes until election time, which, for senators is only every six years, sadly. He, for instance, was the one on the phone to his friends in Russia to help to fake up the golden showers dossier garbage. Virginia can’t get rid of him because they lack the awareness of who he really is. Like so many, they want to ‘throw the bums out’ but keep electing more bums. The RPV is NO help for the real people of the Commonwealth, and is 95% RINO, from its leadership on down. Bob Good is one of the few “Good” guys (sorry, that was too easy. . . ; )


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