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Corrupt, Old and Evil – Neocon Dick Cheney Slanders President Trump One Last Time

Looking like he’s near death, corrupt and evil Dick Cheney saved his last breath to slander President Trump. 

There is nothing like an old bitter and evil politician lying one more time.

Dick Cheney was dressed up looking like he could barely breath but he did all this to slander President Trump and lie to the American people again.

Cheney lied to the American people to go to war in Iraq and he hates it that President Trump called him out.  He’s clearly out of touch.

Speaking for a group that claims to be Republicans against President Trump, Cheney took the time away from his death bed to slander President Trump saying that Trump lied to the American people about the 2020 Election steal and claiming that President Trump used violence after trying to steal the election.

Nothing could be further from the truth which is why Americans don’t listen to Dick Cheney any more.  What a sick old man.

Cheney is what someone looks like after lying to the American people for years and leading innocent young men to their deaths.

For the truth on the stolen 2020 election please see my books “The Steal” which cover in detail the truth about the 2020 Election steal. 

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