Corrupt Obama Judge Finds Rudy Giuliani Guilty Because He Didn’t Turn Over Devices the FBI Took from His Home | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt Obama Judge Finds Rudy Giuliani Guilty Because He Didn’t Turn Over Devices the FBI Took from His Home

Rudy Giuliani was found guilty by an Obama judge in DC because he didn’t turn over devices that the FBI took from his home. 

There is no randomness is assigning big cases.  Obama judges get them all the time and they rule based on what is best for the totalitarian regime they are part of rather than the law.

EXCLUSIVE: There’s No Randomness in Assigning Judges in America – Big Cases Always Get Corrupt Obama Judges

Today another Obama judge ruled against an American trying to save this country from the totalitarian regime known as the Biden-Obama Administration.

Far-left Politico reported:

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Rudy Giuliani is legally liable for defaming two Georgia election workers who became the subject of conspiracy theories related to the 2020 election that were amplified by Donald Trump in the final weeks of his presidency. In an unsparing, 57-page ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell said Giuliani had flagrantly violated her orders to preserve and produce relevant evidence to the election workers, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, resulting in a “default” judgment against him. She also ordered him to pay Freeman and Moss “punitive” damages for failing to fulfill his obligations.

Obama Judge Beryl Howell

The ruling means the case will now proceed to a trial purely to determine the amount of damages Giuliani will have to pay the two election workers.

“Just as taking shortcuts to win an election carries risks — even potential criminal liability — bypassing the discovery process carries serious sanctions,” Howell wrote.

Clearly, she is biased beyond repair and unable to oversee any case based on her leanings.

Hidden in far-left Politico’s report is the following:

Giuliani has blamed several factors for his difficulties in searching his records for evidence relevant to the case. Those factors include the FBI’s seizure of his devices in 2021 as part of a foreign-influence investigation (which did not lead to any charges against him) and serious personal financial difficulties he has faced since Trump’s defeat in 2020.

“The FBI took every electronic device in my apartment and my law office,” Giuliani said at a May hearing in the suit. Indignantly insisting that he was not trying to deny the plaintiffs access to evidence related to their claims, he said: “I’ve been dealing with this for 50 years. I understand the obligation. … There’s nothing I want to hide. I’d like them to see everything. … Not being perfect doesn’t mean you’re deleting things. I don’t delete things.”

Ted Goodman, a political advisor to Giuliani, echoed that point Wednesday, calling the ruling “a prime example of the weaponization of our justice system, where the process is the punishment.”

“This decision should be reversed, as Mayor Giuliani is wrongly accused of not preserving electronic evidence that was seized and held by the FBI,” Goodman said.

This is justice in the Biden-Obama regime.  Crooked Hillary would be better than this. 

30 thoughts on “Corrupt Obama Judge Finds Rudy Giuliani Guilty Because He Didn’t Turn Over Devices the FBI Took from His Home”

  1. The process has become the punishment when our
    fully corrupt government can’t prove their case.
    They simply lawfare you into penury.
    Ammo up.
    This cannot be changed because the entire system
    from voting to the courts are completely corrupt.
    When there is no rule of law, there is vigilantism.

    • I’ve been itching to go after the deep state every since Trump came down that escalator the first time, just waiting on enough patriots to fall in line.

      • And posting this in a public forum that everyone can read is going to win over recruits for you. Oh yeah.

        The deep state would love nothing better than for the masses to start another “insurrection”.

        We were stupid enough to let them take over the government. Now we have to use the Constitution to remove them.

    • Yup. Started in exponentials when Mueller and his Russian hoax team were trying to get someone, ANYONE, to turn on Trump. And it spread like the fires of Maui from that point forward.

  2. Another deep state puppet who will be forever living it’s life in the shadows to never be able to move about freely in the light amongst the patriotic Americans. Be Gone you evil beast!

  3. This judge says dim things. She doesn’t seem to make decisions very quickly like a typical person. I think she is obviously compromised with blackmail like much of the DC Class. She could find a way to whistleblow this and give herself some rest…

  4. After they have dealt with Trump and his main supporters they are going to start coming after regular people. By now most people should understand how easy it is to get search warrants and seize ALL of your devices and access ALL of your social media and other online account data.

    It would be better if people don’t keep anything sensitive on digital devices or online.

  5. All of these Lawfare participants should be sued under Rico. They are conspiring to influence the election. They are trying to destroy any political opponent who stands in their way.

  6. A key moment when the justice system failed was when that great betrayer Jeff Sessions turned over the DOJ to the crooks to begin the framing operations against America.

  7. I’m surprised someone hasn’t shot that bitch and every other corrupt judge. Americans are pathetic. We watch our country fall like the Germans did in the 1930’s and ‘40’s under Nazi power. Our forefathers would have been stacking bodies long ago.

  8. Alex Jones was right again. He said this would be the new method. Default judgments, telling a jury you’re already guilty and they just need to decide how guilty you are, no discovery, no defense allowed.

  9. The year was 1999, the DFW Metroplex, as a chauffeur for a well-known international shared-ride shuttle company (from Curb to Airport) that, unknown until airport arrival/drop-off, I was transporting a dual-titled senior FISA Court/senior DC Circuit Court of Appeals judge, former ambassador, as well as Deputy AG, DOJ. Technically, the 3-stop trip, similar to recently famous Trump phone calls, was a -perfect- trip. The genuine issue was in retrospect … the judge being shorted of his drinking time at the Admirals Club.
    At the third and final stop, my passenger judge angrily blurted out, “Good God! I’m going to LA (LAX) by way of Saint Louis (MO)!” as I had been pre-routed by dispatchers to an adjacent sector significantly -north- of the first stop at the Downtown-Fort Worth Tower Club where the judge was picked up. Throughout the hellish 15 minute ride to DFW International, the judge repeatedly declared that he would confiscate my driver license and I would never drive again! … that “I have clout across this nation!” and “I’ll see to it that this company is shut down!” Fortunately, no profanity was used by the judge as one passenger was a very young boy accompanied by his parents. The final passenger, a female INS (now USCIS) agent, told me she did not give a damn who he said he was … that he was wrong in treating others as he had treated us!
    My pervasive point? Quoting Lord Acton: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” as too many judges wield entirely too much power envisioning themselves as being legends. I later crossed paths with those who knew and had past interactions with the judge. They affirmed that his actions were not surprising, that though he was a brilliant jurist, when he perceived a problem, he would hammer it to his image of correctness … and one observed he had no people skills.
    On arrival at DFW Airport while exchanging cash payment, the judge, upon my addressing him as “mister” along with his last name, leaped to 6 inches from my face yelling out that he was a judge and that I should never forget that fact! My judge-friend, a top-three conservative in US federal opinions, passed away in 2022 having never risen to SCOTUS status.

  10. Judge: Turn them over now!
    RG: But, I don’t have them. YOU have them. You’ve had them since 2021 when the FBI confiscated them.
    Judge: By failing to turn them over now, I summarily judge against you in this case, which will not be tried on its merits. That is your punishment for not turning them over.

    That’s what passes for “justice” in leftist America.
    Happy now?

  11. The Left in the US are the New National Socialists. However, unlike Germany, instead of being Uber Nationalistic, they loath everything that was good about America; Nazis with a self loathing twist.


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