Corrupt Media Praises Carters for Inviting Melania Trump to Funeral and Not President Trump | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt Media Praises Carters for Inviting Melania Trump to Funeral and Not President Trump

The Carters and the Trumps

These people are evil even after their deaths.

Jimmy Carter’s wife, Rosalynn Carter, passes away last week.  She fought alongside her husband for far-left policies during her life, and she continued after her death.

The media praises the Carters for being so kind to invite Melania Trump to Rosalynn Carter’s funeral but not President Trump!

As Rosalynn Carter’s family mourns her death, they are putting aside their differences with Donald Trump, including insults the 45th president hurled at Jimmy Carter at a campaign event last weekend, to invite Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, to the former first lady’s funeral.

The Washington Post has reported that Melania Trump has been invited to the service for Rosalynn Carter, which is scheduled to take place next Wednesday.

Rosalynn Carter died at her home in Plains, Georgia, Sunday at the age of 96, two days after she entered hospice care. Jimmy Carter, her husband of 77 years, was by her side, the Washington Post said.

As the Carter family is preparing for Rosalynn Carter’s funeral, they are reportedly keeping in mind that she was a member of a unique group of women: presidential first ladies. All first ladies have been invited to the service, the Washington Post said. This means the world could see Melania Trump at the same event as Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton.

Rosalynn Carter was “a gracious person” who “would treat everybody with respect,” including Melania Trump, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s son, James E. “Chip” Carter III, told the Washington Post. His mother was involved in the decision to invite all the first ladies, the Washington Post reported.

President Biden is expected to attend a memorial service for Rosalynn Carter in Atlanta on Tuesday, along with Vice President Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff, the White House announced late Tuesday night, according to the Post. Country music stars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, who have continued the Carters’ humanitarian work building affordable homes with Habitat for Humanity, are likely to sing at the tribute service…

…Trump and his wife paid tribute to Rosalynn Carter upon learning of her death. Melania Trump wrote on X about Rosalynn Carter’s “meaningful legacy” and her “devotion to her husband, family, and country.” Trump issued a statement of his own on Truth Social, writing that she had “earned the admiration and gratitude” of the nation.

The Carter’s aren’t being kind to Melania Trump they are insulting her by not inviting President Trump.  This isn’t an act of love and condolences it’s another minor stab to President Trump who works to this day to make America great again after the horrible policies of the Carters, Clintons, Obamas and Biden/Obamas.

The US media is sick.

What an insult to only invite the President’s wife after all she and her husband, President Trump, did to clean up the messes of the totally corrupt and fascist Democrat Party.

This is one last pathetic slap in the face of President and Melania Trump by the disgusting liberals who don’t have the humility and grace to invite the greatest US President of this generation to Rosalynn Carter’s funeral.  What pathetic losers these Democrats and their media have become. 


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