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Corrupt Jack Smith Claims Nothing Was Wrong with the 2020 Election

Corrupt Jack Smith claims nothing was wrong with the 2020 Election.  

Corrupt and criminal Jack Smith knows nothing about the election process other than the Uniparty stole it for Senile and corrupt Joe Biden.  This is how he was selected to destroy America and the election process in the country once and for all by indicting the leading candidate and Biden’s opponent in the race, President Trump.

Smith is a Deep State snake who believes that any illegal act is fine if it is to destroy this country.

Politico reports on corrupt Smith’s latest on the 2020 Election:

Special counsel Jack Smith on Saturday sharply rejected former President Donald Trump’s contention that foreign governments may have changed votes in the 2020 election, laying bare new details about his team’s extensive probe of the matter and its access to a vast array of senior intelligence officials in Trump’s administration.

In a 45-page filing, Smith’s team describes interviewing more than a dozen of the top intelligence officials in Trump’s administration — from his director of national intelligence to the administrator of the NSA to Trump’s personal intelligence briefer — about any evidence that foreign governments had penetrated systems that counted votes in 2020.

“The answer from every single official was no,” senior assistant special counsel Thomas Windom writes in the filing.

The filing was part of the special counsel’s opposition to a bid by Trump to access a broad swath of classified intelligence as part of his defense against charges that he conspired to subvert the 2020 election and disenfranchise millions of voters, culminating in the violent Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Trump has argued that foreign governments fueled his supporters’ concerns about election integrity and that some classified evidence revealed potential meddling that justified his own professed fears about fraud.But prosecutors say Trump’s new legal effort is just an extension of his election lies — and that, in fact, intelligence officials unanimously rejected the idea that foreign governments penetrated any systems that counted votes or could have altered the election tally itself. Rather, they said, intel officials documented some breaches of state voter registration databases that permitted various influence campaigns but were not capable of causing the vote-stealing scheme of which Trump has long sought to convince his followers.

Jack Smith and none of those he used in his report have no idea what happened in the election and they don’t care.  Smith is a phony dishonest corrupt criminal prosecutor who only cares about stealing another election in 2024.

The 2020 Election was definitely stolen.  I’ve written three best sellers on the 2020 Election.

As I shared in soon to be released documentary by David Clements, “Let My People Go”, the election was stolen because it never should have been certified.

Corrupt criminal Jack Smith will never share the truth about the 2020 Election.  He’s a criminal.

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