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Corrupt DOJ Pushing BS in Trump Florida Case and Judge Doesn’t Like It

The totally corrupt DOJ is not only pushing a total BS case where President Trump did nothing wrong but they are playing games with the Trump team and the court at the same time. 

Jack Smith and the DOJ made up crimes against President Trump regarding his handling of documents once he left office.  President Trump did nothing wrong.  The DOJ committed crimes by stealing documents from President Trump when they raided his home of Mar-a-Lago.

These goons will not prosecute Joe Biden for classified documents in his possession which were totally illegal.

President Trump has the Presidential Records Act in his corner where Biden as VP and Senator does not.

Biden committed crimes and likely shared classified material with China and other countries while President Trump did nothing wrong.

On Friday, the judge in the case admonished the corrupt DOJ for playing games.

The federal judge overseeing Donald Trump’s classified documents case in Florida reprimanded federal prosecutors for “wasting the court’s time” by not raising arguments in required filings ahead of the hearing.

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon ultimately postponed a conflict-of-interest hearing for defendant Waltine Nauta, Trump’s valet who is represented by attorney Stanley Woodward.

Far-left Politico reports:

Prosecutors on special counsel Jack Smith’s team raised fresh objections Thursday over whether Woodward should be allowed to question a key witness in the case. But Woodward told the judge that the prosecutors should have raised their arguments in court filings ahead of the hearing so he could discuss them with his client.

Sticking to the correct procedure would have helped all sides come prepared to discuss the objections, she said, and chastised the prosecutors for not presenting related cases to bolster their arguments.

The case, one of four separate criminal cases Trump is facing, centers on allegations that the former president illegally hoarded classified documents at Mar-a-Lago and obstructed authorities who were investigating the matter. Two co-defendant in the case, Nauta and Carlos de Oliveira, a Mar-a-Lago property manager, are facing related charges. All three have pleaded not guilty.

David Harbach, the veteran prosecutor representing the special counsel, drew Cannon’s ire after he asked her to consider barring Woodward from cross-examining “Trump Employee 4” at the trial, which is scheduled for next May.

The Mar-a-Lago employee in question, IT worker Yuscil Taveras, was previously represented by Woodward. When Woodward represented him, Taveras initially told investigators that he hadn’t heard conversations about allegedly deleting evidence in the case but then recanted his testimony after getting a public defender.

If Woodward were allowed to question Taveras, he’d be in the awkward position of asking his former client why he changed his testimony.

What a nightmare the DOJ has become.  It’s currently run by a gang of criminals.

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