Corrupt Deep State Going After GOP Delegates Despite Multiple Precedents in the Past | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt Deep State Going After GOP Delegates Despite Multiple Precedents in the Past

The DOJ, corrupt state officials and the Deep State are after anyone who claimed the 2020 Election was stolen.  They are trying to punish those who share the truth. 

Going after delegates from the 2020 Election is their next corrupt trick. 

We learned that Michigan’s corrupt and drunk Attorney General Dana Nessel criminally charged 15 alternate delegates in Michigan for standing up after the stolen 2020 Election in her state.

BREAKING: Democrat Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Criminally Charges 16 Dueling ‘Trump Electors’ in 2020 Election

Nessel is the same woman who was carted out of a Michigan – Michigan State football game drunk.  They put her in a wheel barrell and wheeled her out.

Word is that Georgia is about to do the same today. 

The problem for the Deep State crooks behind these attacks is that there are precedents for having alternate delegates.  Democrat John F. Kennedy benefitted from alternate electors in 1960.

Hawaii was a new state in 1960 holding its first presidential election — a concept that’s also worth remembering as the possibility of adding Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia to the union is portrayed as somehow outrageous.

Turnout topped 93 percent in Hawaii. The state’s result was close, just as the nation’s was overall. Nixon initially appeared to be the winner by 141 votes, and the Republican governor declared him the winner. But a judge granted the Kennedy team’s request for a recount. As it dragged on, the judge rejected GOP attempts to stop the count. When the mid-December date came for the Electoral College to meet — this year it’s Dec. 14 — both Republican and Democratic electors sent their votes to Washington to be counted.

Kennedy eventually was declared the winner in the Hawaii recount by 115 votes, but the two sets of certifications were waiting when the joint session of Congress convened. Democrats, including Rep. Daniel K. Inouye, were ready to lodge an objection if the GOP slate was counted, but the presiding officer — the Senate president, who also is the vice president: i.e., Nixon — pushed the issue aside.

“He resolved it in a rather statesmanlike way by using parliamentary procedure,” State University of New York professor James A. Gardner said in a recent webinar organized by the New York State Bar Association. “He asked for unanimous consent that the votes of the Democratic electors would count. So he resolved this against himself.

In 1876 three states provided alternate electors in the Democrat South.  Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina all presented alternate electors.  Rutherford B. Hayes won the election.  There were no prosecutions at this time either.

Despite this unanimity, reflecting the patent invalidity of their claim to be the state’s “duly and legally appointed” electors, none of these South Carolina individuals (as far as I know from my research) were criminally investigated or prosecuted for making this assertion. Even if it would have been possible theoretically for the incoming Hayes administration to prosecute these Democrats for making a false statement to Congress under the precursor statute to 18 U.S.C. § 1001, the political incentives for such a prosecution were lacking because of the compromise between Hayes’s representatives and Southern Democrats that let Hayes become president in exchange for abandoning Reconstruction in the South.

There is no precedent for prosecuting alternate electors in the states stolen from President Trump.  This is all lawfare and tyranny from the illegitimate Biden gang. 

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