Corrupt DC Appeals Court Finally Reduces Outrageous Sentences of Jan 6ers | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt DC Appeals Court Finally Reduces Outrageous Sentences of Jan 6ers

Jan 6 Walking in the Capitol

It took the Supreme Court to step in and stop a small portion of the madness with the Jan 6 trials where innocent Americans were sentenced to years for walking in the Capitol. 

Innocent Americans are rotting in prisons for daring to protest the stolen 2020 Election on Jan 6.  Many of these innocents walking into and out of the Capitol on that day did nothing wrong.

But they were arrested by armies of FBI agents at their homes and taken into custody.  Their charges were that they obstructed Congress.  Many sit in prison on overcharged sentences where again, they did nothing wrong.

In January, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Fischer v. United States, a case centered on the obstruction count. Federal prosecutors have charged hundreds of peaceful January 6 protesters with violating 18 USC Section 1512(c)(2), obstructing or impeding an official proceeding, a felony that carries a maximum prison term of 20 years. Hundreds of defendants have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms under the statute when they would have otherwise faced low-level misdemeanors.

“The D.C. Circuit’s expansion of Section 1512(c)(2) beyond evidence impairment to protests at the seat of government thus conflicts with the interpretations of other courts of appeal limiting the scope of the same statute,” attorneys for January 6 defendant Joseph Fischer wrote in a legal brief submitted to the Supreme Court.

Two of the four counts in Jack Smith’s January 6 indictment hinge on the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the ruling, something McCarthy stressed during an appearance on Fox News Monday. ““The case to keep your eye on is the obstruction case,” McCarthy told Fox News host Bill Hemmer. ““We miss it because Trump is not a party to that case. They are looking at the same statute that is key to Smith’s prosecution of Trump in Washington, and if they — as I expect they may, if they — if they say the Justice Department has not been correctly applying that statute, that’s going to have a catastrophic impact for Smith on his indictment.”

The courts have overcharged innocent Americans and the DC Appeals court finally agrees.

Set these innocent Americans free and arrest the real criminals from the 2020 Election. 

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