Corrupt Criminal Boss of FBI, Chris Wray, Says There Are Increased Threats of Terrorist Acts | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt Criminal Boss of FBI, Chris Wray, Says There Are Increased Threats of Terrorist Acts

Crooked cop Chris Wray, the leader of the corrupted FBI, announces that terrorist actions are likely since the the Hamas attack on Israel. 

When corrupt Chris Wray, the man behind the American Gestapo, formerly called the FBI, is warning about terrorist attacks.

Wray who was involved in the coup of President Trump by the Deep State FBI, DOJ, CIA, media, etc… is now warning about terrorist attacks on US soil.

Wray has defined terrorists in the past, those who support America, God, family and President Trump.  So when he uses the word terrorists, we have to define who he is talking about.

Wray’s FBI is totally corrupted.  It has attempted a coup of a sitting President.  It ignored a stolen 2020 Election.  It ignores the Biden crime family crimes.  It attacks President Trump with BS cases where the President is innocent.  The FBI stole documents from his home that were legally the President’s.

Wray cannot be trusted.  He is crooked.

When Wray says there are increased terrorist threats, he is most likely talking about good Americans protesting rather than Islamists killing Americans.  So this message needs more light.

Wray said that the US is facing terrorist threats.

JUST IN: FBI Director Christopher Wray warns of terror attacks on United States soil in relation to the Hamas terror attacks on Israel.

Hopefully they will be taking a break from tracking down Trump supporters to confront this.

Wray said the FBI has seen a large increase in reported threats since the attacks and said to be on the lookout for “lone actors.”

“In this heightened environment, there’s no question we’re seeing an increase in reported threats, and we’ve got to be on the lookout especially for lone actors who may take inspiration from recent events to commit violence of their own.”

Wray omits in this cut the fact that his partner in the destruction of America, Mayorkas has allowed 5 million men of military age to cross the border since Biden took over.

Wray’s FBI has ignored this suicidal mess.  Instead Wray goes after Americans who peacefully protested on Jan 6 and President Trump whose election was stolen from him with the aid of the FBI.

There aren’t may goons in America as slimy as Chris Wray.  What a mess. 

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