Corrupt Communist Criminals Who Stole 2020 Election Announce They Will Do It Again in 2024 | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt Communist Criminals Who Stole 2020 Election Announce They Will Do It Again in 2024

The same corrupt Communist criminals who stole 2020 announce that they will do it all again in 2024. 

The 2020 Election never should have been certified but it was.  It was stolen.  (See overwhelming evidence in my three books on The Steal available now at Amazon.)

This week the same players announced that they are going to do it all over again in 2024.

Far-left Politico reported that these same actors are going to do it again.

The federal government is about to change its certification guidelines for voting machines — and election officials across the country are bracing for a wave of misinformation that erodes trust in the 2024 election.

Election officials are not-so-quietly freaking out that this long-awaited technical overhaul of voting machine guidelines later this year will be weaponized against them. The officials, who are used to operating in relative obscurity, just endured two election cycles in which seemingly benign issues blew up in their face. Now they’re afraid it’s happening all over again.

“We have serious concerns that false information will mischaracterize the consequences” of the changes, read a March letter from the National Association of State Election Directors to the agency that oversees the change in guidelines. “All their public communications must be unambiguous.”

They have good reason to be worried. After 2020, supporters of former President Donald Trump who were convinced the election was stolen from him spread conspiracy theories about the security of voting machines, pushing for so-called election audits in swing states and advocating for hand counting ballots, something election officials say will take longer, cost more money and be less accurate.

The new standards are a welcome update after years of work from the agency — the Election Assistance Commission — and election officials, and are broadly supported in the election community. They were formally adopted by EAC commissioners in early 2021, and represent a significant leap forward in requirements on everything from cybersecurity to accessibility for voters with disabilities.

The communists don’t want to change their techniques for stealing elections through the use of machines they want to end free speech that points out their obvious crimes.  

Also, there are no “conspiracy theories about the security of voting machines”.  This is a lie.  

Within the last month, a report from 2021 that was kept under wraps by a corrupt Obama Judge in Georgia was finally released.  It echoed what the CISA reported a year later.  The Dominion voting machines used in the 2020 Georgia election were not secure and that bad actors could abuse this and flip an election.

Halderman Report Released After Being Hidden for Two Years Shows that Elections Can Easily Be Stolen by Bad Actors

The National Association of State Election Directors (NASD) is referred to by Politico as a godly entity with the best intentions of running free and fair elections across the country.  This too is proven false when looking into the entity’s actions over the past few elections.

The NASD is part of the gang of government entities and non-profits involved in the election steal and the censorship industrial complex.  The censorship appears to be a subset of the election steal rather than vice versa.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Radical Left, Government Workers Who Hate America, and “Non-Voting” Election Systems Essentially Control Our Elections

Wake up America, they’re doing it again!

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