Corrupt Biden/Obama Case Against President Trump in New York Delayed – Should Be Thrown Out | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt Biden/Obama Case Against President Trump in New York Delayed – Should Be Thrown Out

Judge Merchan

Corrupt and criminal Biden/Obama case against President Trump in New York delayed.  Should be thrown out. 

Corrupt Soros-backed DA Bragg and corrupt Judge Merchan are delaying sentencing in their unconstitutional and corrupt case against President Trump for weeks.

This case should be thrown out.

The Biden gang wants to put President Trump in prison for life because he loves the country they hate.

Here is a tweet from attorney Jeffrey Clark.


This is tremendous news! See the letter below.

Everyone, this is perhaps in elliptical lawyer-speak for some of you.

So let me translate — Bragg agrees that Trump has filed a motion to dismiss the New York charges in light of yesterday’s immunity ruling. The Manhattan DA needs until July 24 to respond.

Also, Bragg admits that the legal effect of Trump’s ruling + their requested extension meaning that Trump should not be sentenced in New York until the motion is resolved.

This means that if Bragg gets his extension (which he will), the earliest Judge Merchan could deny a motion to dismiss the case and reset sentencing would be July 25. And that would be only after studying the matter for a single day, which should be insufficient. And doesn’t even consider oral argument on the motion if that gets held.

The Republican Convention is from July 15-18, so Trump will not be sentenced before the Convention!

On balance of all factors, the earliest Trump gets sentenced is realistically now some day in August.

And in reality the whole case should get tossed before then.

The Obama/Biden regime is the most corrupt and criminal gang in US history ranking with the most evil to walk this earth. 

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