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Corrupt Biden Administration Appoints Corrupt Special Counsel to Hide Corrupt Biden Family Crimes AND Appointment May Be Illegal

The corrupt Biden gang appointed a corrupt special counsel to cover-up corrupt Biden family crimes.  

This is where the US has landed.

A corrupt gang of crooks stole the 2020 Election from President Trump and has been making themselves a fortune while destroying this country in the process.

NBC News reports:

U.S. Attorney David Weiss was appointed special counsel in the ongoing probe of the president’s son Hunter Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Friday.

Weiss will be responsible for the “ongoing investigation” of President Joe Biden’s son “as well as for any other matters that arose or may arise from that investigation,” the Justice Department said in a statement. Weiss, who was already overseeing the Hunter Biden probe and is based in Delaware, asked to be appointed special counsel on Tuesday and Garland agreed it was “in the public interest” to do so, the attorney general said.

The move was announced shortly before prosecutors from Weiss’s team revealed in a court filing the plea talks over tax and gun charges against the president’s son had broken down and the case would likely have to go to trial in California or Washington, D.C.

The corrupt media won’t tell you that Weiss was behind the plea deal that gave Hunter immunity into perpetuity.  Attorney Mike Davis called it a “Wink-Wink” deal.

“It Was a Wink-Wink Agreement Between The Biden Justice Department and Hunter Biden” – Attorney Mike Davis

The special counsel also and maybe more importantly prevents the US House from obtaining documents from the Bidens and the corrupt Biden DOJ related to the Biden family crimes.

Also, the appointment of Weiss appears to be illegal in the first place.

Attorney Tyler Nixon shared this as well:







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