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Corrupt Anti-Trumper and Jan 6 Committee Leader Liz Cheney Booed at Commencement Speech

It must be horrible to be Liz Cheney.  Why would she ever decide to speak anywhere on any subject.  She is hated by all. 

Liz Cheney is the reason I now dislike very much her father, Dick Cheney.

The Cheney’s hate President Trump.  They have done all they can to stop President Trump because he called them out on their war-mongering BS.

Cheney spoke out against and voted against President Trump her entire time in Congress.  She was placed in power by crooked former Speaker Paul Ryan.  Ryan and Mitt Romney hated President Trump too.

These idiots wanted Jeb Bush to be the GOP candidate.  They hated and still hate MAGA.

After years of abuse, Liz Cheney then led the unconstitutional and crooked Jan 6 Committee.

This past weekend Ms. Cheney was asked to give the commencement speech at Colorado College where she was booed and graduates turned their backs on her during her speech.

A Liz Cheney look-alike was seen at a Starbucks recently. We believe her name was Karen.

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