COMMUNIST DC BAR Claims Attorney Jeffrey Clark Lies – That There Were NO 2020 Election Issues | Joe Hoft


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COMMUNIST DC BAR Claims Attorney Jeffrey Clark Lies – That There Were NO 2020 Election Issues


What a bunch of criminals.  Fascist communist criminals have taken over this country. 

Whatever belief you may have that there is free and fair elections in this country must be squashed.  The fascist communists say this isn’t so.

Attorney Jeffrey Clark, a good decent Christian man, believed there were issues in the 2020 Election after the election occurred.  He was right.  There was ample evidence that the election was not certifiable.

See my second book on The Steal where I go through the many issues with the 2020 Election and at the end of all the main topics conclude that the 2020 Election should not have been certified.  This comes from a professional opinion having performed and led many audits around the world for a Fortune 500 firm.

But the communists leading the DC bar think differently.  They ignore the evidence.  Evidence doesn’t matter.  It’s what they say that matters.

The corrupt and communist media follows orders like Pravda of old and claims attorney Clark was screaming about smart thermostats and was crazy to think the 2020 Election was stolen.

They all join together to steal from a good man his license because he had the courage to stand up and say “Stop” – something is not right.

The best experts in the country provided ample evidence this week that Clark was absolutely correct – there was ample evidence that our elections are broken – and this was all ignored.  This evidence cannot be released.  The electorate must not receive the truth.

Compliant NBC shares:

The disciplinary panel of the D.C. Bar reached a preliminary conclusion that former Trump Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark committed an ethical violation when he pushed conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election, including the allegation that the election was stolen via smart thermostats.

Clark, an environmental lawyer with no experience in criminal law, was the man former President Donald Trump considering naming as acting attorney general of the United States just days before the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Trump ultimately backed down after his own Justice Department appointees told him there would be mass resignations if he went through with the move.

Clark faces potential disbarment and testified over the last two weeks before the panel, repeatedly asserting his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. Thursday’s preliminary finding will be considered by the D.C. Bar’s full board of professional responsibility before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals makes a final ruling on Clark’s bar status.

The question the disciplinary panel had to address, at its core, was this: Was Clark pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories about mass voter fraud in bad faith, so he could help usher Trump to a second term? Or is it possible that Clark truly believed the conspiracy theories he was peddling?

Hamilton Fox, the disciplinary counsel arguing for Clark’s disbarment, made the case Thursday during closing arguments that it was not possible for a person like Clark to believe those election lies because they had been repeatedly disproven.

The communists in DC have no idea how much they are hated by good Christian men and women across this country who know the 2020 Election was stolen.

But again, they are communists.

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