Comey “Lacks Candor” and Lies Over 40 Times in Notes from Meetings with President Trump! | Joe Hoft


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Comey “Lacks Candor” and Lies Over 40 Times in Notes from Meetings with President Trump!

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Notes from Former FBI Head James Comey related to his discussions with President Trump were finally released by the DOJ and FBI last night. These damning notes follow the release of the DOJ’s IG report less than a week ago that provided evidence that former FBI Head Andrew McCabe lied multiple times, including under oath.  The McCabe report exposed President Obama’s FBI and DOJ as corrupt, dishonest, coordinated and conspiring.  Comey’s notes provide additional support of a very dishonest, conniving and corrupt FBI led by Comey, who set the tone.

Less than a week since the DOJ IG’s report about fired former FBI Head Andrew McCabe, the DOJ and FBI finally released James Comey’s notes as requested by Congress. These notes show a very corrupt, manipulative, conniving and dishonest FBI Director.

A list of the key points in the 15 pages of notes follows –

1.First note that the notes were classified and therefore Comey leaked classified information.

2. The first page of the notes includes perhaps the most damning piece of information from corrupt Comey’s first notes on his meeting on January 6, 2017. After getting the President-elect alone, Comey writes, “I then executed the session exactly as I had planned.”

3. He next states whom the reports were from which is redacted. But then says that he “didn’t want him caught cold by some of the detail.  [PL]

4. On page 2 Comey writes the Russians allegedly had tapes. [PL]

5.The President immediately said this was false but Comey never released this information.

6. Comey says, “I said I wasn’t say this was true. “[PL]…” media like CNN had them” [how did he know and why was he not protecting the President-elect?]…It’s important not to give them “the excuse to write that the FBI had the material” [PL]… they [FBI] were keeping it very close [PL]

7. Comey admits they were not investigating [President-elect Trump] but it was being said out of Russia [PL]

8. Comey also wanted to let him [Trump] know in case it came out in the media. [PL]

9. On page 3 begins corrupt Comey’s 2nd meeting notes with President on January 28, 2017 [shortly after the inauguration].

10. Comey admits he was never relaxed “given the focus his conversation required” [what focus? Why the discomfort?  This doesn’t sound normal for someone without an agenda.]

11. Comey says “I explained that he could count on me to always tell him the truth. [L] I said in don’t do sneaky things [L], I don’t leak [L], I don’t do weasel moves. [L] But I was not on anybody’s side politically [L].”

12. When the President asked whether the FBI leaks, Comey answered “that FBI leaks far less than people often say”. [L]

13. Comey said AG Lynch directed him not to use the word “investigation” [in the Hillary matter].

14. President Trump asked whether it was true “there was a revolt” after Comey announced no crimes in the Hillary investigation and Comey said “that was nonsense [PL] and I worked hard to see if folks had concerns [PL]. Comey next said that “investigators all agreed there was not case [PL], he [Trump] said he disagreed.’

15. President Trump next asked about McCabe and whether he as a problem with the President and Comey said “he’s a true professional [L] and had no problem at all” [L – it was well known in the FBI that McCabe hated Trump].

16. Comey next bashed former Republican AG’s but not Obama’s AG’s Holder or Lynch.

17. President Trump again said the dossier Comey presented to him in the previous meeting was not accurate. Trump noted that he didn’t even stay the night in Russia during the Miss Universe contest when some incidents were said to take place.

18. Comey said, “I wouldn’t want to create a narrative that we were investigating him [L – this went on for months and Comey never once came out and said the President wasn’t under investigation – this is the 2nd time Comey admits Trump not under investigation.]

19.Comey says Obama “wanted competence and independence and didn’t want the FBI involved in policy.” [L – Comey went to the White House on numerous occasions and is now suspected as following Obama’s orders – also, Obama’s entire administration was corrupt.] Comey also said Obama slept well knowing the FBI was well run. [L – for Obama well run meant corrupt]

20. Comey next again said McCabe was “professional”. [L]

21. The next notes were from February 8, 2017, starting on p. 7. Comey said that a redacted item was necessary in the now known as fake dossier.  He states “analysts from all three agencies agreed it was relevant and that portions of the material were corroborated by other intelligence.”[PL]

22. Comey notes a primary source of the dossier but it is redacted [PL]

23. Comey talked about leaks and said they were probably from folks “who have left government”. [PL] He also said unlikely they came from the FBI [PL], and that most leaks come from one or two out. [L – Comey and McCabe both have testified under oath that they leaked]

24. On page 8, Comey tell Priebus their conversation was private [L].

25. Priebus asked whether there was a FISA application on General Flynn and Comey answered but it is redacted.

26. Next Comey’s note reflect something strange. Comey notes that Priebus asked why Hillary was not charged with “gross negligence”.  [Comey changed this as we now know to clear Hillary of emails crimes.] Comey then says I took him through “facts and the law”. [L – we know Hillary was guilty of numerous crimes.]  Then unexpectedly Comey writes “I added that it wasn’t my fault that Huma Abedin forwarded emails to Anthony Weiner.”  [This suggests the Weiner emails are an important part of the 2016 campaign and the Hillary email investigations.]

27. Next and again Comey calls McCabe a “pro” and that he had no problems with the President. [L] Comey says McCabe “put everything aside and did his job well”. [L – he and Comey are both fired]

28. Comey said referring to the FBI “we aren’t the kind of killer that Putin is”.  President Trump apparently paused [does Trump know something or was Comey trying to scare the President?]

29. On page 10 Comey begins his notes from a February 14, 2017, meeting with the President [Valentine’s Day]. President Trump says that he thought his phone was protected but that the calls he made with Australia and Mexico and that General Flynn’s call with the Russians were taped and then leaked.  Comey says he tried to interject several times that “leaks are terrible” but the President wouldn’t let him.  [L – Comey is a leaker]  Comey says it’s terrible his calls were leaked.  [L – Comey is a leaker]  Comey says FBI leaks were terrible [L – Comey is a leaker].

30. Comey agrees that leaks compromise the President and that he was “eager to find leakers”. [L – Comey is a leaker]

31. Comey then said he was eager to put a “head on a pike” of a leaker. [L – Comey is a leaker.]

32. On page 12 Comey notes a very brief call from the President and then on page 13 he notes from his discussion with the President on March 30, 2017 via a phone. The President stated that the Russia business was hurting him and that he was going to personally sue Christopher Steele.

33. President Trump asked what Comey could do to lift the cloud. Comey replies that they were “running it down as quickly as possible’ [L – this mess is still going on and the cause of the corrupt Mueller investigation].

34. Comey again tells Trump that he was not under investigation and the President said it would be good to get that out. [Comey leaked everything else but never announced or leaked that the President was not being investigated.]

35. Trump again brings up McCabe and Comey says again two more times that McCabe is an honorable guy. [L and L] Then Comey says he’d see what he could do to get out that the President is not under investigation. [L – Comey never did until under oath in front of Congress months later.]

36. The final set of notes begin on page 15 and refer to a call from President Trump on April 11, 2017. Comey begins to tell the President that he passed the President’s request about letting the American people know that he is not under investigation and Comey says he passed on to the acting AG but had not heard from him. [PL]

37. President Trump this stated that he heard the FBI was involved in an incident in Jordan in delaying a prosecution of a soldier who killed Americans. Comey did not deny but said he would dig into it. [PL – Comey probably knew but lied as he had a pattern of doing]

38. Comey tries to insinuate in some footnotes that the President was up to something but there was no basis for his impressions. [PL – by this time it is clear that Comey was a liar and leaker.]

Overall Summary –

1. The notes were classified and Comey leaked them which is a crime.

2. Comey writes that his “plan” in how he wanted to share the fake dossier with President Trump went exactly the way he wanted. This indicates Comey was conniving and manipulative in presenting the fake dossier to the President.

3. At least three times Comey tells the President he is not under investigation which is probably a lie but no matter how many times the President asks the FBI Director to share this with the American people, he refuses to do so.

4. Comey lies over 40 times in the 15 pages of notes. Some of his lies are known at this point from other information [L] and some probable lies [PL] are based on other information and a track record of lying from Comey.  In total we identified 17 probable lies [PL] and 25 outright lies [L].

5. The Weiner emails are again noted in these notes as they were noted in the McCabe IG Report. These may include information that Comey and others do not want released to American voters and this may be why they are going all out to remove President Trump.

6. The Corrupt individuals in the government have no concern for the American people or the President they elected.

Comey shows in these notes that he is dishonest, manipulative, conniving, conceited, arrogant and corrupt. Fired former FBI Director James Comey is a leaker and a liar!

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