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Colorado Football Goes Prime Time with Famous Christian Head Coach Winning in His Debut

Colorado football goes prime time with a superstar Christian coach.

The school that had lost all its thunder on the football field hired a Christian coach and became great seemingly overnight.

Colorado won its first game of the season against last year’s top four team Texas Christian University (TCU).  The Buffaloes which are unrated won the away game and gave their Christian coach his first win.

Deion Sanders took over the team during the offseason and immediately made an impact.  Sanders was an exceptional athlete himself, starring in pro football and major league baseball.

Sanders was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2011 for being on of the greatest cornerbacks and players in NFL history.  He was also know for his showmanship. He is quoted as saying:

They don’t pay nobody to be humble. Some people will come out to see me do well. Some people will come out to see me get run over. But love me or hate me, they’re going to come out.”

Sanders went on to become a successful head coach and was offered the head coaching job at Colorada during the offseason.

Sanders was immediately attacked by an evil anti-Christian force after his hiring.

FOX News reported in March:

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has yet to officially appear on the sidelines for the Buffaloes after taking the job in December, but he’s already at the center of controversy over his religion.

Sanders was known for expressing his strong belief in God when it came to his coaching style at Jackson State. When he left the Tigers for the Colorado gig, he was mocked for saying that God had sent him to become the coach of Jackson State but left the job anyway.

With kickoff to the 2023 Buffaloes season just months away, Sanders is now in the middle between two religious groups. One group wants Colorado to force him to stop preaching his religious beliefs to his players, while another one warned the university that telling him to do so could infringe on his rights.

The school would respond to the letter the next week, saying Sanders was “very receptive to this training and came away from it with a better understanding of the University of Colorado’s policies and the requirements of the Establishment Clause,” according to the Deseret News. The school said if a player had a problem with prayers in the future it would direct them to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance.

First Liberty Institute came to the defense of Sanders in February and made clear the school could be violating Sanders’ rights in relation to the 2022 Supreme Court case – Kennedy v. Bremerton.

“We write to correct the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s (FFRF’s) misstatements regarding the requirements imposed by the First Amendment on public school employees’ religious expression,” the letter from First Liberty Institute read. “The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that public school employees may engage in religious expression and exercise; therefore, public universities like CU may not target Coach Sanders (or other members of the football staff) for exercising constitutional rights on campus.”

The Supreme Court rules in favor of a Washington state high school football coach who prayed with his team after games. The court determined the school violated the coach’s First Amendment rights for trying to stop his prayers.

It’s rare that a great player becomes a great coach.  But with God everything is possible. 

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