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Col Douglas Macgregor Provides a Brilliant Response to Biden’s SOTU Lies

Col Douglas Macgregor provided a brilliant rebuttal to senile Joe Biden’s SOTU. 

Col Macgregor worked under President Trump.  He was a trusted servant.

Conservative Treehouse says the following about Col Macgregor’s remarks:

There is an information war against what Macgregor describes in the beginning of these remarks, and people I know personally have become targets as a result. It might surprise many to discover the nature of this information war does not originate with government or politicians. Our focus has been misplaced and our emphasis has been on the wrong syllable.

The targets within this information war are not people who are criticizing politicians. The core targets within this information war are those who are talking about the entities who are controlling and directing the politicians and government.  The voices who are considered a threat are not, repeat NOT, voices who are critical of government.  The voices who are considered a threat are those who understand the government actors are controlled and intentionally presented as the false source of the problem.

Just as Jack Smith is not the controlling entity organizing the targeting of Donald Trump, so too is Joe Biden (and the administration) not the originating entity who organized the Western sanction regime against Russia.  Jack Smith and Joe Biden are essentially actors, vessels following a design that has been created by outside government entities for the purpose of targeting Donald Trump and/or Russia respectively.  The bigger motives and intents of targeting both are essentially the same.  There are trillions at stake.

Outside government actors like Mary McCord, Norm Eisen, Andrew Weissmann and crew are the organizers behind Jack Smith’s effort.  They are the characters who coordinate with Fani Willis (GA) and Letishia James (NY).  Those individuals are funded by outside government institutions.  Ultimately, Jack Smith is the vessel.

Within the Western finance system, Blackrock, Vanguard, the WEF and a host of similarly aligned massive financial interests are the organizers behind the Russian sanction regime.  The USA government is the vessel.

Col Macgregor notes that the US economy is 42% government spending.  This is what is keeping it afloat.  This is also where the USSR was at when it collapsed.

Inflation is destroying the average American family.  A dozen eggs cost less than a dollar in 2019 and are now over $2 or $3.  Mortgage interest rates have jumped from 2% to 7%.

Biden’s wars and President Trump’s energy independence are crippling Americans as well…  The list goes on and on.

It’s refreshing to have a real status report that is accurate and respectful of the American people.  No one wants Biden/Obama lies. 

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