CNN’s (or #FNN’s) TV Viewership Averages are Tanking – President Trump Body Slammed Them

CNN (or their new name as coined by President Trump this weekend #FNN or #FraudNewsNetwork) TV viewership numbers are tanking. Thanks in large part to President Trump pointing out their media bias and false reporting, CNN incurred a significant decrease in TV viewers in June as the month progressed.

For the month of May, CNN averaged 821,000 viewers per hour throughout the entire day and 1.12 million total viewers during the prime time hours. Comparably, FOX News averaged 1.42 million viewers per hour throughout the entire day and 2.24 million viewers during prime time, or twice as many viewers during prime time hours as CNN.

By the end of June, due to CNN being caught in a number of ‘fake news’ stories, its numbers dropped significantly.

On Wednesday June 28th CNN’s numbers dropped to only 666,000 TV viewers throughout the day and only 882,000 viewers during primetime. These pathetic numbers were roughly 80% of May’s monthly average for total day TV viewers and prime time viewers or 20% down. FOX News on the other hand, had TV viewership that was up from May with 1.705 million total viewers daily per hour average and 2.647 viewers during prime time for an increase of roughly 20%.

CNN (or #FNN) was body slammed by President Trump in June for their fake news reporting and it has taken a toll:


It looks like ‘Fake News’ or ‘Fraudulent News’ does not pay as Americans are more interested in the truth than they are made up stories and the daily TV viewership numbers prove it.