CNN Bashes Trump, Neglects to Report on Historical Bull Market and Then Complains about Not Being Invited to White House | Joe Hoft


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CNN Bashes Trump, Neglects to Report on Historical Bull Market and Then Complains about Not Being Invited to White House

Friday morning President Donald Trump spoke at the CPAC annual event in National Harbor, Maryland.  During his presentation the President spoke about the ‘Fake News’ being the enemy of the people.

Then in the afternoon the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer held a question-and-answer ‘media gaggle’ at the White House and he selectively blocked a few media outlets from attending. In response CNN’s Jake Tapper came unhinged and called the White House un-American for blocking out various outlets. (Barack Hussein Obama did this routinely but Jake Tapper was fine with it then because it only affected conservative media.)

CNN was blocked from attending but they were not the only news outlet banned from the White House; Politico and the L.A. Times were among others who were blocked out of this presser as well.

A quick review of the news outlets who were blocked today from the ‘gaggle’ would support the rationale for not inviting them to the White House.  

The US Stock Market set a new DOW high on Friday for the 11th closing day in a row.  This event is historical and by some measurements has never happened before.  Under President Reagan the DOW set new highs 12 market closings in a row but the current streak by Sunday will mean that the market has closing high records for 18 days in a row (when counting weekends and holidays) which has never been done before.

This is the most significant market rally in the history of the nation and yet CNN doesn’t even report it on its home page!

The historical market rally was not reported in their headlines – their headline showed their obvious sadness from not being invited to the White House today.

CNN’s political stories don’t mention the all time record setting market bull rally but they do continue to push attacks of the President throughout the entire section.

In the middle of their home page they don’t mention Trump’s amazing stock market rally but they do have a piece on how Trump is costing the US friends.  (Which is also a very sad story.)

Finally, under the financial section of CNN (CNN Money) on their homepage where you would expect the headlines to boldly report the roaring bull market…. nothing…Every single American with a 401k has watched it grow at historical rates since Trump won the election and yet nothing from CNN.

Meanwhile, Politico which was also banned from the presser shared their sadness about not being invited to the presser but this fine media outlet apparently upset their former employee Glenn Thrush who tweeted about not having his name spelled correctly by Politico.  No doubt Politico and Thrush wept many teardrops from not being invited to the presser.

Thrush by the way (who appears in the hat in the CNN photo above) now works for the New York Times who was also banned from the presser. Thrush was outed by Wikileaks for colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign during the recent election (along with many others in the main stream media).  Thrush’s actions were apparently highly regarded by the ‘Failing’ Times, so much so that they hired him.

All this makes you wonder how Politico, CNN and the New York Times ever made it in the White House in the first place. 

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