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CNN Announces GOP Debates in Jan Then All Hell Breaks Loose


CNN announced it will be holding two GOP debates in January. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was quick to accept the offer.  Unfortunately, nobody wants more of these debates and nobody is watching them.

Then the truth came out.  The GOP said that they were not behind the debates.

The Conservative Treehouse wrote about this little mix-up.

When CNN announced they were hosting two debates for the GOPe candidates in Iowa and New Hampshire, the supposition was that the RNC had given two debates to the network.  The assumption was because the RNC, and the four remaining first-loser candidates, had previously held an agreement that only RNC sanctioned debates would be permitted, and the candidates would only attend RNC sanctioned debates.

However, it turns out that fake news CNN went rogue in organizing the unsanctioned debates…

…The RNC made an official statement today saying the RNC is no longer hosting debates for the 2024 GOP primary.   This is a little funny considering that Donald Trump never participated, and the candidates who aligned with the RNC debates have lower support numbers now than before the debate series began…

…Essentially, it all boils down to this.  The RNC initially thought they could stop Trump; however, the RNC debate series intended to generate that narrative has failed miserably.  Donald Trump is supported more now than he was when the field of first-loser candidates assembled against him.  Having failed, the RNC backs away slowly.

The CNN announcement, and the gleeful almost immediate acceptance by DeSantis et al, reflects a general desperation.  The effort to stop Trump now falls on the leftist corporate media, who are aligned with the remaining four GOP candidates: DeSantis, Haley, Ramaswamy and Christie.

The agreement and alignment between the remaining candidates, and the corrupt media apparatus, only highlights the fraudulent reason those candidates were assembled in the first place.  The ‘stop Trump’ effort was/is the purpose of their candidacy; actually, winning the GOP nomination was/is irrelevant.   This non-pretending reality exposes the strings on the four remaining marionettes…

…President Donald Trump is unlikely to participate in any debate.  The premise of the debates themselves is silly, and the only reason the candidates are agreeing to more debates is that the corporate and billionaire donors to them are demanding every effort be exhausted.  At this point it is pathetic.

What a total mess the GOP is.  What a mess.

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